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Video Testimonies of Palestinians’ Acts of Rape During October 7th Massacres

Dec 19, 2023

Hamas Committed Sexual Crimes on October 7th, Evidence Shows

During the October 7th attack, the Hamas Terrorists were accused of raping Israeli women, and now there is evidence supporting the allegations. After the deadly assault, the Israeli army, Shin Bet, and Israeli police started collecting evidence and interrogating captured Hamas terrorists in regard to sexual violence.

Shelly Harush, the Israeli police officer in charge of the investigations, told The Times earlier this month that the over 1,400 testimonies collected from witnesses show that Hamas intentionally engaged in sexual crimes to humiliate Israel.

Tamar Herzig, a professor at Tel Aviv University, says forensic evidence obtained from some of the Israeli women indicates that Hamas terrorists violently raped them, breaking their pelvis bones and legs. He adds that survivors have testified to several cases of gang rape.

Interrogations of Arrested Terrorists

A few weeks ago, Israeli security agencies published videos from the interrogation of Hamas terrorists arrested during the October 7th attack. The Palestinian terrorists narrated how their leaders ordered them to kill every person they met in Israel and rape women and girls.

Be’eri Rapes

In a new video posted by Israel Broadcasting Corporation on YouTube, a medical expert working under the 669 Special Tactics Rescue Unit is seen recounting how he found the bodies of two young Israeli girls with their hands and legs tied to the beds. What’s more saddening, Hamas terrorists had stabbed one of the girl’s genitals with a knife. There was semen on the floor, suggesting that the terrorists had raped the two before killing them.

Nova Festival Rapes

The video also features a woman who says she witnessed a gang rape during the Nova music festival. The Israeli woman narrates how a Hamas terrorist bent a young girl over and raped her before passing her to another terrorist. What’s more, the second Hamas member shot the girl in the head while still inside her.

Testimonies From Camp Shura

Most of the bodies collected after the attack were brought to Israel Defence Forces’ Camp Shura for identification. An army reservist working at the camp, Shari Mendes, said in the video that several Israeli women were shot in their private parts, and some had bloodied underwear, indicating they were raped.