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5 Million Shekels Cash Found in Terrorist Apartment in Gaza

Dec 19, 2023

IDF Discovers Millions in Terrorist’s House

The Israel Defense Forces found 5 million Shekel (£ 1.03 million) in a Hamas terrorist apartment located in the Jabaliya area on Monday. Images published by the Israeli army showed two suitcases full of stacks of notes wrapped using elastic bands.

The latest discovery is another display of Hamas’s riches in the Gaza Strip, where the terror group’s leaders live a luxurious life as millions of Palestinians languish in poverty.

The Israeli embassy in the United States recently reported that the three most senior leaders of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, Mousa Abu Marzouk, and Khaled Mashal, boast net worths of over $3.5 billion each. Moreover, the embassy said Hamas has been posting yearly revenue of $1 billion, making it the second-richest terror group, only behind ISIS.

With its diverse and resilient finances, Hamas could continue launching deadly attacks on whoever it considers an enemy over the coming years. The terror group is known for its massive military wing, which, according to several reports, comprises more than 35,000 terrorists.

Hamas’s Governance in Gaza

Hamas has been running Gaza since 2006 after assuming power through a coup. Haniyeh became the Prime minister of the Strip that year, and there have never been elections since. Over the years, the terror group’s top officials have made huge fortunes off the misery of Palestinians.

Israel has previously accused Hamas of using its significant amount of money to build tunnels for its own benefit rather than construct vital infrastructure like wells that would help millions of Gazans.

“Israel Must not Underestimate Hamas Financial Power,” Jessica Davis Says

Meanwhile, Director of Insight Threat Intelligence, Jessica Davis, has urged Israel not to underestimate Hamas’s financial muscles, arguing that the terror group has set up several profitable businesses in countries like Algeria, Turkey, and Sudan. Moreover, Davis says Iran has been contributing nearly $100 million to Hamas every year.

Besides the three top Hamas leaders, news outlet i24News reports that there are over a hundred other officials of the terror group sitting on millions. Among them is Yahya Sinwar, who is currently being targeted by the IDF. He is said to have a net worth of more than $500 million.