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Palestinian Terror Attack in West Bank: Israeli Woman Shot and Injured

Dec 19, 2023

Palestinian Terrorists Target Israeli Woman

A 27-year-old Israeli woman was injured on Monday in a shooting attack near Ateret in West Bank. The Palestinian terrorists involved in the attack are said to have fired about five bullets at two vehicles carrying Israelis. The woman, identified as Mevaseret Cohen, is in stable condition, Magen David Adom’s medical staff report.

At the time of the attack, Mevaseret was with her husband, Yishai Cohen, and their six-week-old baby. Fortunately, her family was not harmed. Yishai, a reservist soldier, had just come from the Gaza Strip, where he had been fighting Hamas terrorists. Speaking to the press, he said he used his gun to fire back at the Palestinian terrorists, prompting them to escape.

Mevaseret’s Mother Speaks

Mevaseret’s mom, Tamar Amar, told Ynet news outlet that the six-week-old baby was born at the time his father was fighting Palestinian terrorists in Gaza after they launched a deadly attack on Israel back in October. Amar revealed that her son is also an IDF officer who sustained injuries in the early days of the war but is now back on his feet.

The elderly Israeli woman said the security situation had become worse in the West Bank since the start of the war. Meanwhile, the Israeli Defense Forces has already launched a manhunt for the Palestinian terrorists behind Monday’s attack.

IDF’s Arrest Operation in West Bank

Yesterday evening, the Israeli army conducted an arrest operation near the al-Farra refugee in the northern West Bank, where the troops exchanged fire with several Palestinian terrorists. According to the Palestinian Authority Ministry of Health, four people died during the clashes.

The IDF soldiers also conducted a raid in Kafr Aqab village, where they arrested two people after exchanging fire with Palestinian gunmen for several hours. In another arrest operation in Jericho, the Israeli army fought with terrorists who attacked the troops with Molotov cocktails. One of the terrorists was shot, but the IDF did not reveal his condition.

In the past 24 hours, the Israeli soldiers have confiscated more than 40 illegally acquired cars across the West Bank. The IDF says most of them were found in Beit Awwa village.