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Video: Golani Brigade Honors 72 Fallen Comrades, Marking the Star of David on Terrorist “Parade” Ground

Nov 17, 2023

Star Of David, Made by Tanks, on Hamas Outpost Grounds

The outpost from which cursed terrorists emerged for the massacre of October 7th is now in the hands of the Golani fighters” – In the depths of the Strip, in the parade ground of the Hamas outpost, the Golani Brigade fighters held a ceremony in memory of their comrades who fell in battles since the beginning of the fighting.

In the parade ground of the ‘Battalion’ outpost in the heart of Gaza City, where Hamas terrorists were trained, fighters from the 13th and 51st Battalions of the Golani Brigade held a combat ceremony in memory of their comrades who fell in battles since the beginning of the fighting.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad “Parade” Ground

In the parade ground of the outpost, terrorists from the Hamas and Islamic Jihad organizations held parades and ceremonies, and from near it, Hamas terrorists went out to massacre on the morning of the 7th of October.

The fighters held a combat ceremony at the site in a sign of commemoration and memory for the the 72 fallen of the Golani Brigade, their comrades who fell in battles since the beginning of the fighting on October 7th.

Star Of David Made by Israeli Tanks on Hamas Outpost Grounds
Star Of David Made by Israeli Tanks on Hamas Outpost Grounds

At the place where the Hamas terror organization prepared and trained its forces, Battalions 13 and 51 of Golani chose to deliver a sharp and clear message to the organization’s activists – on the parade ground, the battalions marked the Star of David, and in a sign of commemoration and memory, they held a ceremony in memory of their fallen and in anticipation of the continuation of the fighting.

The Golani Brigade fighters fought against the Hamas terror organization on the morning of the October 7th attacks and suffered many losses. These days, the Golani fighters are fighting in the depths of the Gaza Strip in intense battles, thwarting and striking at the terrorist infrastructure of the Hamas terror organization.

More About the Golani Brigade – Israel’s Elite Infantry

The Golani Brigade, a renowned unit in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), was established in February 1948, during the formative years of the State of Israel. It is named after the Golan Heights, a strategically significant area that has been central to many of Israel’s military campaigns. The brigade’s inception was crucial in setting the foundations for Israel’s military strategy and tactics, particularly in dealing with diverse combat scenarios ranging from guerrilla warfare to conventional battles.

Golani Brigade - ChameleonsEye / Shutterstock.com
Golani Brigade ChameleonsEye Shutterstock

Primarily an infantry unit, the Golani Brigade has been pivotal in various Israeli conflicts, including the War of Independence, the Six-Day War, and more recent operations in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip. The brigade is known for its resilience, adaptability, and the tenacity of its soldiers. These traits have been instrumental in numerous operations, especially in challenging terrains like urban areas and mountainous regions. The Golani Brigade’s soldiers are distinguished by their brown berets and the unique insignia featuring an olive tree, symbolizing their deep roots in Israel’s history and culture.

Golani soldiers undergo rigorous training, which includes urban warfare, counter-terrorism, and survival skills in harsh environments. The training is designed to hone their physical and mental fortitude, preparing them for the complexities of modern warfare. The brigade has specialized battalions, each with its unique focus, such as reconnaissance and anti-tank warfare, enhancing the unit’s versatility. The Golani Brigade’s ethos emphasizes camaraderie, bravery, and commitment to the defense of Israel, making it a source of national pride and an exemplar of military excellence.

The Golani Brigade stands as a symbol of Israel’s enduring strength and resilience, continually adapting to the evolving challenges of security and defense.