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Video: Israeli Defense Forces in Gaza – Compassion in the Face of Danger

Nov 17, 2023

IDF Soldiers Helping Civilians in Gaza

In the turbulent landscape of Gaza, where Hamas’ actions have often led to widespread destruction, a different narrative emerges, highlighting the Israeli Defense Forces’ (IDF) humane side. IDF soldiers, in a display of compassion reflective of their training and values, have been seen assisting the elderly amidst the chaos. Instances like helping an elderly man with his cart or aiding an elderly woman to relocate to southern Wadi Gaza stand out as examples of their commitment to civilian welfare.

Daily Acts of Kindness

These acts of kindness are not isolated incidents but part of a routine display of empathy by the IDF soldiers. Amidst the backdrop of conflict, where every day presents new challenges, IDF personnel consistently step up to offer assistance to Gaza’s residents. This juxtaposition of the soldiers’ protective roles against the often harsh realities of the conflict sheds light on the complexities and nuances of their mission in the region.

IDF soldiers helping civilians in Gaza
IDF soldiers helping civilians in Gaza

Contrasting Tactics

The IDF’s approach starkly contrasts with Hamas’ strategies, which have been criticized for endangering civilian lives by using them as human shields. While the IDF puts its soldiers in harm’s way to safeguard Gaza’s residents, Hamas’ tactics often exacerbate the vulnerability of the very people they claim to represent. This difference underscores a significant aspect of the ongoing conflict, where the actions of the IDF often go beyond mere military engagement, reflecting a deeper commitment to humanitarian principles.

Does Israel Help Palestinians on a Regular Basis?

Yes. But the terrorism stemming from Palestinians makes it hard to see. Many mainstream media outlets only show you the conflict, between Israel and Palestinian terrorism, where the terrorists are using the people as human shields. They don’t show you the daily acts of kindness and help coming from the Israeli soldiers and government.

IDF is involved in humanitarian operations in Gaza and the West Bank. These include providing medical assistance to civilians, facilitating the transport of supplies, and coordinating with international aid organizations for the delivery of humanitarian aid. IDF soldiers often assist civilians in need, such as helping with medical emergencies or facilitating safe passage during times of conflict.

At checkpoints and border crossings managed by the IDF, there are instances where soldiers provide assistance to Palestinians, especially in urgent humanitarian cases. This includes allowing the passage of ambulances, helping the sick or elderly, and facilitating the movement of essential goods.

Yahya Sinwar Hamas military wing leader was saved from a brain tumor by Israel in 2008
Yahya Sinwar Hamas military wing leader was saved from a brain tumor by Israel in 2008

A perfect example of this is how Yahya Sinwar, the hard-line Hamas leader in Gaza, was saved after undergoing a life saving operation in Israel. This is the same man who is responsible for all of the military wing of Hamas and all of the attacks on Israelis. Israel saved his life, saved him from dying from from a brain tumor.

Many Palestinians get life saving operations and medical care in Israel every day. Media won’t tell you about it though as it does not fit with the pro-Palestinian narrative.