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GRAPHIC Video: Palestinian Islamist Terror Group Hamas Kills Arye Zalmanovich, 86 Year Old Israeli Hostage, Shares Morbid Video

Nov 17, 2023

Hamas is using lies, terror and brutality, as usual, to try to terrorize the Israeli population and the world into giving them what they want – which is of course, a cease fire and more money. The ability to continue to kill more Jews for as long as possible. The full and brutal uncensored Hamas propaganda video can be found below.

Arye Zalmanovich, 86, in Morbid Hamas Video

Please be warned the video you are about to see is extremely graphic. It shows him alive and breathing and then at the end it shows uncensored images of Zalmanovich deceased.

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(WARNING, GRAPHIC) Arye Zalmanovich, Hamas hostage video and images of him deceased (GRAPHIC)

Everyone knows that the Palestinian terrorists killed him. They killed him and then shared the video claiming that he had died from natural causes or from IDF bombings. What is certain is that when the terrorists abducted this elderly man from his own home in the farming town of Nir Oz and butchered his neighbors, raping and mutilating women and children, he was still alive, but now, he is dead.

Anyone who believes the claims of the rapist murderous Hamas terrorists, claiming that he died from natural causes or from IDF bombings, is a fool. He was killed in captivity, they murdered him. The Palestinian terrorist groups will never be forgiven for their butchery. IDF will find all of them, wherever they are, even if they are hiding on Mars, they will be hunted down and put down.

Arye Zalmanovich, 86 Nir Oz, Israeli Hostage Killed by Hamas
Israeli Hostage Killed by Hamas

Why Are We Showing This Morbid Propaganda Video Made by Palestinian Terrorists?

We are posting the video so that you can see how Palestinian terror groups continue to use terror, death and morbidity to push their propaganda to pressure Israel into a cease fire, so that the world will believe the “genocide” lie and start again sending millions of dollars in “humanitarian aid” to Gaza, which the terrorists will use to continue to attack Israelis.

Why Did the Terrorists Release the Video Now?

Why did the Palestinians release the video now? It is obvious, they released the video now claiming Israeli bombs killed Zalmanovich, because in the last 72 hours, footage of Palestinian terrorists war crimes, using hospitals in Gaza as terrorists bases, shooting an RPG at Israeli soldiers from the staircase at the entrance of the Al Shifa hospital.

They are using kindergartens, boy scouts grounds, buildings with civilians still residing in them, schools and more for terror rocket launching bases, evidence has been circulated around the world and wide condemnation of their terror tactics of using Palestinian civilians as human shields has been heard around the globe. So they chose this time to release the video and lie about his death.

They KILLED this hostage.

October 7th Raw Video Footage (EXTREMELY GRAPHIC WARNING)
Credit: HamasVideo.com

About Arye Zalmanovich and His Kidnapping

In the harrowing attack on October 7, 2023, the serene life of Nir Oz, a kibbutz in southern Israel, was shattered. Armed terrorists from the Gaza Strip infiltrated the community, unleashing a torrent of violence. They mercilessly killed and abducted a significant number of the approximately 400 inhabitants. Notably, The New York Times reported that 180 people were either murdered or taken as hostages, while The Jerusalem Post’s estimate focused on around 80 kidnappings.

The brutality of the attack was exemplified by the horrific fate of the Kedem family. Tamar Kedem Siman Tov, her husband Yonatan, their children, and Tamar’s mother-in-law were all found murdered in what was supposed to be their safe haven. In another chilling act, the murder of an elderly woman was recorded and disgracefully displayed on social media by her assailants.

One of the missing, Arye Zalmanovich, an 86-year-old resident, became a symbol of the anguish that many families faced. His disappearance, with no contact since the day of the attack until now, was heart wrenching and this video showing him dead is another psychological terrorism attack attempt by Palestinian Islamist terrorists.

This calamity at Nir Oz is a grim reminder of the profound consequences of conflict. The assault not only claimed lives but also left deep emotional scars on the community, exemplifying the irreversible damage inflicted on innocent individuals and families in such conflicts. The aftermath of this day will be felt for years to come, as those affected struggle to cope with the loss and trauma inflicted by this senseless act of violence.