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Graphic Footage – Palestinian Terrorists Shoot Dog, Burn Down House With People Inside

Dec 15, 2023

Credit: HamasVideo.com

Graphic Footage

Amidst the massacres in southern Israel on October 7th 2023, Hamas terrorists entered a Kibbutz, killed, raped and mutilated everything in sight.

Images Captured by the Terrorists

In this video captured by one of the terrorists and shared by him on social media you can hear gunshots in the background, these gunshots are Hamas terrorists killing innocent Jewish civilians in a Kibbutz near the Gaza border (more videos from these massacres coming soon). In the video you see them fatally shoot a canine, take water from a refrigerator inside a residence, and then set the dwelling ablaze while innocent individuals are still concealed inside a secured safe room.

Hamas Video (They Used a Go Pro)

Please be warned the images are extremely graphic.

Why Did Hamas Attack Israel on October 7th?

Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist groups have been attacking Israel since Israel’s declaration of independence in 1948. They murder Jews and Israelis, just because they are Jews and Israelis. It is written in the Hamas official charter that all Jews and Israel must be eradicated. We will continue to post more videos for the world to see.