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Hafiza Khalique, Pro-Hamas Suspended NYU Student Who Tore Down Posters of Israeli Hostages, is Now Asking For Your Money

Dec 10, 2023

Suspended Student Starts Fundraising Campaign

Hafiza Khalique, a New York University (NYU) student who was recently denied scholarships and suspended from the learning institution for tearing down Israeli hostage posters, is currently begging for well-wishers to support her financially.

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Khalique is asking for financial help through popular fundraising platform GoFundMe, where she describes herself as a victim of islamophobia and racist doxxing. Khalique’s fundraising campaign comes a few weeks after New York University suspended her for “destroying university property,” a reference to her decision to remove fliers of Israeli captives held in Gaza by terror group Hamas.

According to data on GoFundMe, Khalique has now raised $9,897 of her $15,000 target. While pleading for financial help, the suspended student said the hostage posters were intended to normalize what she called “Israel’s Genocide against Gazans.” Khalique also said she would not return to New York University, citing “hostility within the campus.”

“My Life is In Danger,” Khalique Claims

Meanwhile, Khalique says her life is in danger after receiving several Islamophobic and racist messages on her social media accounts.

For this reason, she no longer wants to live in New York. Khalique explains that she will use the raised funds to cover educational expenses, therapy costs, and housing abroad. She adds that unused money will be channeled to Palestinian students and liberation organizers.

October 7th Raw Video Footage
Credit: HamasVideo.com

Khalique, who reveals that she is a queer student, joins several other members of the LGBTQ+ community who appear to be siding with Hamas in the ongoing war.

Pro-Israeli supporters have been urging the queer community members to go and show their support for Hamas in Gaza while raising their rainbow flags to see what will happen to them.

According to the supporters of Israel, Hamas will likely behead its gay supporters, as the terror group has been known to be anti-gay.

Khalique’s Accomplice Apologizes

While Khalique remains unapologetic over her actions to bring down hostages’ posters, her accomplice, Yazmeen Deyhimi, has asked the public for forgiveness.

In an Instagram post, Deyhimi said her move to tear down the fliers was fueled by “misplaced anger” and that it was not the correct representation of who she is as a person.