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Hamas Had a Plan to Deploy Cyanide Against Civilians, a Tactic Reminiscent of al-Qaeda

Oct 22, 2023

A USB device found on deceased Hamas militants substantiates the claim that they intended to use cyanide on civilian populations, echoing the modus operandi of al-Qaeda.

Sky News Interview

In a conversation with Sky News, the President of Israel revealed that explicit instructions for creating and using a device designed to release cyanide were discovered in the possession of terrorists who had attacked settlements in the southern region. “The operational patterns of mass murder, including the beheading of infants, guidance on taking hostages, and employing chemical substances for mass executions, are evidence of Hamas’ intent to mirror the tactics of ISIS,” he expounded.

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>> Hamas terrorists were carrying instructions on how to make chemical weapons <<

Previously, the Prime Minister drew parallels between Hamas and ISIS. Now, the President unveils evidence suggesting that the deadly terrorist group operating out of the Gaza Strip has adopted methodologies akin to al-Qaeda. He disclosed, “A USB device found on deceased Hamas militants substantiates the claim that they intended to use cyanide on civilian populations, echoing the modus operandi of al-Qaeda.”

Hamas Militants in Israeli Territory Plans

Detailed instructions for concocting chemical weapons and distributing them amidst civilian populations were found on a portable device on the bodies of slain Hamas militants in Israeli territory. The document’s origin traces back to a 2003 manual from al-Qaeda. Its use underscores the collusion between the groups and underscores Hamas’ intent to leverage chemical weapons for mass destruction, much like ISIS had previously schemed.

“The discovery of explicit instructions on assembling a cyanide dissemination device attests to the sinister intentions harboured by Hamas. Their plans for mass extermination do not discriminate by religion, race, or gender,” Herzog elaborated.

He continued, “The brutal tactics of beheading infants, abducting hostages, and employing chemical agents for mass executions expose Hamas’ attempts to emulate ISIS. Israel will persistently counteract Hamas’ ruthless endeavors, exercising its fundamental right to safeguard its sovereignty and the security of its citizens.”

Global Endorsements Terror

Addressing the terror attack of October 7, the President declared, “Israel is contending with unadulterated evil that necessitates elimination. Against this backdrop of malevolence, we observe global endorsements of this terror, evident in protests from London to various international locales. We implore these supporters to question the essence and motivations of their backing. Can they condone the torture of citizens, pregnant women, elderly individuals with dementia, or those whose actions have only been benevolent?”

A Grim Reality Faced by Israelis

During the interview, he recollected stories of kidnappings, “Allow me to share a narrative. Israeli families residing near the Gaza Strip, who are amongst the staunchest advocates for peace with Palestinians, narrated the ordeal of a father left in solitude. As he ventured to defend his settlement, terrorists abducted his wife and children to Gaza, their whereabouts unknown. This incident epitomizes the grim realities faced by Israelis.”