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Hamas Militants Kidnap Israelis During Brutal Massacre – Elderly, Women, Children and Even Babies

Oct 7, 2023

Nothing Sacred – Absolute Horror

On the morning of October 7, tragedy struck as Hamas unleashed a devastating barrage of thousands of rockets upon Israel. Hundreds of gunmen on motorcycles and jeeps stormed into the Israeli territories leaving a trail of destruction and despair in the surrounding Israeli towns and cities.

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Lawlessness engulfed the lands, where the iron grip of the IDF failed to defend after the surprise attack started off with Hamas rockets being fired into israel while drones were bombing the cameras and intelligence systems guarding the border fence and gunmen killing the soldiers that were gaurding the border crossings. Palestinian militants unleash their wrath upon the helpless local population, inflicting unspeakable suffering and subjecting innocent people to relentless abuse ans slaughter. The official number of killed in this wave of terrorism is currently at least 700 and 100 abducted and taken to the Gaza strip. Among the dead and the abducted more than half are civilians, youth, children, women and elderly.

The Brutal Massacre of Civilians

Israel is engulfed in a heart-wrenching tragedy as a state of emergency has been declared in the wake of a devastating Hamas attack. Tragically, population centers had fallen under the control of militants, and distressing reports of kidnappings of Israeli citizens continue to rise. Trapped in the clutches of ruthless terrorists, innocent people, including women, older people, and children, are being ruthlessly murdered and kidnapped just because they are Jewish Israelis living in their own land near the Gaza border. These towns and villages are now settlements, they are regular Israeli towns, all of the settlements in Gaza were given up to the Palestinians in a peace agreement years ago.

Tragically, Israelis are often mercilessly abducted by militants, even within their homes’ supposed safety. Bound and helpless, they are forcibly whisked away, their fate sealed as they are transported by car or motorcycle into the Gaza Strip. Palestinian gunmen heartbreakingly captured and releases distressing footage of the abduction of innocent civilians. Tragically, a heart-wrenching video has surfaced online, depicting a painful scene of Israeli women, children, youth and elderly, helplessly bound, being forcefully whisked away by gunmen. In the below image a Hamas fighter cruelly coerced an elderly Israeli woman into clutching a machine gun solely to capture a haunting photograph with her.

Hamas fighters cruelly coerced an elderly Israeli woman into clutching a machine gun
Hamas fighters cruelly coerced elderly Israeli woman into clutching machine gun

Hamas Gunmen Killing and Kidnapping Whole Families

Tragically, an alarming surge of videos has emerged on social networks, depicting the heart-wrenching scenes of Palestinian militants ruthlessly snatching away countless innocent civilians from their homes in the towns of southern Israel, forcibly transporting them to the Gaza Strip. The footage posted by the Islamist terrorism group reveals the heart-wrenching presence of a mother accompanied by her two innocent children among the hostages.

Israeli mother accompanied by her two innocent children among the hostages
Israeli mother accompanied by her two innocent children among hostages

This footage captures a heart-wrenching display of unspeakable horror and an unfathomable disregard for the essence of humanity. Hamas has reported that they have mercilessly taken at least 50 innocent civilians hostage. The images also reveal the plight of the captured Israel Defense Forces soldiers who will inevitably be forced into the role of human shields when the IDF initiates a devastating counteroffensive.

People Hiding in Their Homes

Within mere hours, anguished voices from Israel pierced the airwaves and news stations, people calling in to the news stations live and on air, with desperate pleas for help. Trapped within the confines of their own homes, innocent people found themselves trapped in a nightmarish reality with gunmen braking into their homes, killing their pets, shooting and abducting family members and setting their homes on fire. The lucky ones who were able to get into a locked bunker before the militants attacked their home are still locked in the bunkers, waiting for the army to come and free them. Desperation fills the air as those still locked in bunkers think of what might come and about their loved ones that are dead or abducted.

With a trembling voice, Ayelet Hashim desperately pleaded with Channel 12 from her home in the town of Kibbutz Be’eri, near the Gaza Strip. “My heart shatters as terrorists relentlessly attempt to breach the sanctity of my home,” she whispered, her words laced with fear.

A desperate plea for salvation. The militants pounding on the bunker door – a sense of impending doom. “I am in the bunker with two small children”, Ayelet also heard the gunmen wreck her entire home, abduct her husband and mother and shoot her dog.

Israel has ordered civilians near the border to confine themselves to shelters as they tragically face the looming threat of unimaginable tragedy. But tragically, residents of Kibbutz Be’eri lament the relentless attempts made by Palestinian militants to infiltrate their homes and shelters.

One resident whispered to Channel 12: “The echoes of gunfire reverberate throughout the town. I cower in fear within the confines of my own home as the loud sounds of violence encroach upon me.” We sit silently, the entire town enveloped in an eerie stillness, as they continue to come for us, house after house.”

It unfolds as one of the gravest escalations of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in fifty years. At the break of dawn, Hamas militants breached the borders of Israel from the Gaza Strip. They employ motorcycles, paragliders, and boats, orchestrating an unparalleled murderous assault on Israeli civilians.

“I found myself trapped in a shelter, clutching my fragile one-week-old baby, as the agonizing hours stretched. The flames of destruction engulfed my cherished home, reducing it to ashes. Desperation and fear consumed my heart as I whispered a silent prayer for our safety, knowing that our lives would never be the same again,” a grief-stricken resident of Kibbutz Nirim, a town located perilously close to the Gaza Strip, tearfully confided to Channel 13.

Alas, on social media, the cries of other residents echo in despair as they make their requests for help known.

“Desperate, desperate, I beg for assistance in spreading this message to the media,” Ella Mor pleaded on Facebook.

“I’ve Never Been So Scared.”

Elsewhere, a woman named Adele tragically wrote on Facebook, “We were forced to lock the doors, trapped in the suffocating confines of the safe room, forbidden to venture out for hours while gunmen raided our homes, killed innocent people and abducted many of us.”

In Kibbutz Nir Oz, nestled in the southern lands of Israel, peril looms near the Gaza border. A tormented resident, burdened with anguish, poured their heartache onto the digital pages of Facebook. “They have snatched away my beloved mother-in-law, callously vanishing her away on a motorcycle,” their trembling words whispered.

Ofir, a resident of Sufa, cried out in despair: “We are imprisoned within our shelter, abandoned by the army that was meant to protect us. My husband and his valiant squad are engaged in a fierce battle outside. We find ourselves trapped within the confines of our own homes, gunfire pierces through the air, this is a relentless assault upon our sanctuary.”

Rockets Fired on Tel Aviv and Other Cities

The militants boasted about unleashing a relentless barrage of thousands of rockets, aiming at cities as significant as Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. In the city of Tel Aviv, British writer and journalist Gideon Levy painfully recounted the haunting reality to the BBC: “The once bustling streets now lie barren and lifeless, devoid of any signs of human existence.” Restaurants and cafes – are all shuttered, leaving behind a lonely emptiness that echoes with the haunting absence of life. A heavy sense of surprise, shock, and fear grips the air like the fabric of existence has been torn. The world stands on the precipice of uncertainty, trembling with trepidation, dreading the impending calamities that loom ominously on the horizon.”