• Wed. May 29th, 2024

Official Numbers

9th October 2023 (21:33 PM) The official number of Israelis killed in this wave of terrorism is currently at least 1,200 and 150 abducted and taken to the Gaza strip. Among the dead and the abducted more than half are civilians, youth, children, women and elderly.

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State of Israel at War

The state of Israel is at war and under attack from both Hamas and Hezbollah in the north. Thousands of soldiers have been called up from their normal civilian lives to bulk up the defences in the north and around the gaza border.

Shock and Fear

Something like this has never happened before. The civilian population is is shock and in a state of fear. Shops and restoraunts throughout Israeli cities including Tel Aviv are all closed. The government and the IDF are planning their next steps, Benjamin Netanyahu has stated that the Hamas will be brought to their knees by the end of this and that their reign of terror in the Gaza strip will be coming to a swift end, it may take weeks, but Israel will prevail.

Fighting Still Rages On

In the Israeli southern towns like Sderot, Palestinian militant gunmen from the Hamas and Islamic Jihad infantry brigades who infiltrated the border fence are still trying to kill civilians, urban warfare, as it is named, is any armies hardest task. The gunmen are swiftly being taken out by the IDF one by one, slowly but meticulously as to not harm the civilian populations residing within the Israeli border towns.

Numbers Keep Rising

The official numbers of dead and abducted are sure to rise at the scope of the calamity kepps unfolding. People in some of the southern towns are still ebing told to stay locked in their bunkers as Islamist gunmen are still sporadically attacking from within the israeli towns and full control of the southern towns bordering Gaza has still not been achieved.