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Hamas Terrorists Cruelty Exceeds ISIS in Horrific Footage Beheading Israeli Soldiers

Oct 9, 2023

Hamas is Worse Than ISIS

The Hamas terrorist group is earning savages, and butchers label following the Saturday October 7 massacres in southern Israel. The devastating violence has killed hundreds and displaced tens of thousands of people all over Israel. The string of attacks launched by the Hamas group has been described to be worse than ISIS.

The world needs to see:
>> Raw Video Footage: Hamas Massacres, Southern Israel,
7th October 2023 (Extremely Graphic!) <<

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Hamas Terrorists Share Footages of Horrific Beheading 

 In a recent publication, Reuters reported that the brutal attack has claimed the lives of over 1,300 people from Southern Israel with hundreds of Jews still missing or abducted to Gaza by bloodthirsty palestinian terror groups during the massacres.

The impact of the Hamas attack took center stage on different social media platforms. On X (formerly Twitter), horrific images and footage portray the atrocities perpetrated towards the wounded and captured soldiers.

Speaking exclusively, the Israel Defence Forces spokesperson told local media outlets that the terrorist group has been sharing footage of Hamas beheading several soldiers.

As the violence heightened, the Defence Force agreed not to share the videos of the hostages. However, the Defence Ministry lamented that Hamas ‘ cruelty surpasses that of ISIS. The Defence Forces spokesperson restated their previous warnings of Hamas atrocities replicated from its prior attacks.

Commenting on the surprising attack, renowned Journalist Jake Wallis Simons argued that the terrorist groups lack fighters and militant traits. Based on the footage shared on social media, Simons stated that brutal treatment from Hamas was unfit to be described as a military attack, this was an anti-Semitic attack. The devastated journalist described the Hamas as animals, savages, and butchers while urging the world to wake up and exercise vigilance.

Hamas Cruelty Surpasses ISIS’ Atrocities

The attacks orchestrated by Hamas towards Jews have attracted criticism among global leaders and journalists around the world. Eden Ankri informed the 6ABC Action News that the Saturday attacks match the 9/11 terrorist attack. The Israeli-American lamented the barbaric actions perpetrated in the wee hours of October 7. 

Ankri condemned the inhumane conduct of the Hamas attackers by staging rape and kidnap against women. The US resident admitted that the sickening footage of the terrorist group decapitating people is horrific.  

The online footage reveals that the Hamas attackers also sneaked into Israel by paragliding over the border protection. The critic indicated that watching the Hamas terrorists parade victims’ bodies on the street is shocking.

The display of naked corpses underscores the atrocities committed by the terrorist group. One victim subjected to the cruelty is the renowned tattoo artist of German origin, Shani Louk. The immediate relatives of Louk admitted watching the video, though they expressed hope in locating their daughter alive.

The unprecedented attack has prompted Israel to declare war on the Hamas, similarly condemned by the world for the devastating terror attacks from Gaza. 

While the attack has prompted a closed-door emergency session for the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), members lacked the consensus to issue a statement.  

The events are horrendous to escape condemning the sick footage showing Hamas terrorists beheading Israeli soldiers. The situation warrants immediate response in the quest for resolving the conflict