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IDF Admits Airstrike on Ambulance Near Hospital as Gaza Health Ministry Claim Israeli Army Targeted Civilians

Nov 4, 2023

IDF Targets Ambulance Ferrying Hamas Terrorists

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has claimed responsibility for the airstrike that hit an ambulance near Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza. According to Hamas-managed Palestinian Health Ministry, over 15 “innocent” people lost their lives, while several suffered serious injuries.

Following the attack, IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari released a statement in which he said the targeted ambulance had been ferrying terrorists within northern Gaza. He added that the people who occupied the ambulance were Hamas terrorists.

The airstrike on the ambulance has prompted United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to stress his calls for a ceasefire. In a statement, Guterres said the attack looked terrifying based on the images shared on social media. While he admitted what Hamas did was wrong (referring to the October 7 attack), the Secretary-General said ending the war now would prevent more deaths and harm to innocent civilians.

“The Attacked Ambulance was Heading to Egypt,” Medhat Abbas Says

Dr Medhat Abbas, the Director General of the Gaza Health Ministry, told the press on Friday evening that the attacked ambulance was part of the medical convoy headed to Egypt via the Rafah Crossing to seek treatment for injured Gazans. Abbas said the ministry had informed the ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross) about the convoy and received the green light.

While reacting to the IDF’s airstrike, the ICRC disapproved of the Israeli army’s attack, arguing that any violence leveled at medical personnel was wrong and unacceptable. The committee added that no medical professional, be it a nurse or doctor, should die while saving lives.

A few days ago, the IDF reported that it had identified Al-Shifa Hospital as one of Hamas’ hiding sites. However, Abbas spoke to news outlet CNN in midweek, where he said the facility was only used to offer medical attention to patients.

Day 29 of the Israel-Hamas War

Reports from Gaza suggest that the IDF targeted a house belonging to Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh overnight. No casualties have been reported. Haniyeh, who lives in Qatar, lost at least ten family members in a previous IDF attack, according to Palestinian media.