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Hamas Terrorists are Shooting and Killing Civilians Fleeing From Northern to Southern Gaza

Nov 4, 2023

Hamas Shoots Dead Several Palestinians

On Friday evening, video footage made rounds on X in which several bodies were seen lying on the road in Gaza. Commenting on the video, Amjad Taha, who has vocally disapproved of Hamas’ attack on Israel last month, said the people killed were Palestinians who were relocating from northern to southern Gaza.

A few weeks ago, the Israeli government instructed everyone living in northern Gaza to evacuate to allow the Israel Defense Forces to hunt down Hamas terrorists in a ground operation. Thousands of Palestinians have managed to flee the area ever since the order was issued.

Why Hamas Killed the Fleeing Palestinians

Taha says Hamas has been against the idea of Palestinians leaving northern Gaza, arguing that the terror group wants to use them as human shields. Meanwhile, a number of Pro-Palestinians are now claiming that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) was behind the killing of the displaced Gazans. While they claim that the IDF used airstrikes to target innocent civilians, several X users have refuted the claim, saying the killed Gazans were shot by Hamas.

Just a week ago, Hamas blocked foreigners and wounded Palestinians from existing Gaza via the Rafah crossing. However, United States President Joe Biden announced on Thursday that the Israeli and Egyptian governments had agreed to facilitate a secure exit for foreign nationals from Gaza.

Biden Calls for More Humanitarian Aid

Although Biden has emphasized his support for Israel in its fight against Hamas, he acknowledges the suffering that Gazans are currently enduring as the IDF intensifies its ground operations. The US Presidents want more humanitarian aid to enter Gaza. On Friday, the COGAT (Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories) said over 60 aid trucks had entered the Gaza Strip that day through the Rafah crossing. Moreover, COGAT reported that Egypt was now letting wounded Gazans and foreigners with passports enter Egypt.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has told Srettha Thavisin, his Thai counterpart, that Israel is working hard to ensure hostages held by Hamas, including 23 Thai nationals, are released.