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Gaza: Islamist Terrorists Continue to Fire Rockets at Israel, Endangering Their Own People

Nov 2, 2023

Terror Rockets

Unbelievable scenes from Gaza where terrorists are firing rockets at Israel — directly above Gazans eating lunch. These are the kinds of risky situations Hamas creates that results in more dead Palestinians from FAILED rocket launches (20% of all launches).

Today in Gaza, Palestinians having lunch while Palestinian Islamist terrorist groups (Hamas and Islamic Jihad) fire rockets towards Israel, targeting Israeli civilian populations.

Rockets Fired on Civilian Populations

The firing of rockets from Palestinian territories into Israeli civilian areas has been a contentious and longstanding issue in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The majority of the rocket attacks have been carried out by Palestinian terrorist groups, such as Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, and Islamic Jihad. These groups often state that their rocket attacks are in response to Israeli military actions and policies, which they perceive as oppressive and aggressive.

Israel Anti-terror Response

The rockets fired from Palestinian territories, particularly the Gaza Strip, have targeted Israeli cities and towns, and have resulted in casualties, as well as damage to property. These attacks are considered to be acts of terrorism, and Israel has responded with military operations targeting the infrastructure and personnel of the groups responsible for the attacks.