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IDF is Helping to Evacuate Babies From Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza

Nov 12, 2023

IDF to facilitate Transfer of Babies From AI Shifa

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has said it’s ready to help evacuate babies from Al Shifa Hospital, where the Hamas-managed Ministry of Health reported the deaths of two newborns and several were at risk due to a shortage of fuel in Gaza. Read more about this on reuters.com.

While making the announcement on Saturday, IDF spokesperson Daniel Hagari dismissed reports that the Israeli army was targeting Al Shifa and other Gaza-based hospitals. He explained that Israel never strikes healthcare facilities. Instead, it was hunting down Hamas fighters who were hiding near the hospitals.

Moreover, Hagari said the Israeli soldiers will continue to let staff and patients access AI Shifa Hospital. Also, Gazans who wish to leave the healthcare facility will be allowed to do so. Previously, there were rumors that the IDF had blocked people from leaving the place.

The IDF spokesperson also revealed that he has been talking to AI Shifa employees who have requested the Israeli army to assist them in moving babies from the hospital’s pediatric department to a safer healthcare facility.

“We Hope the Babies are Evacuated Safely,” Al-Qidra Says

Speaking to the press about the expected evacuations, Gaza’s Health Minister Ashraf Al-Qidra said he wasn’t informed of the mechanism that would be used to evacuate the babies safely. However, he hoped they would reach the safer hospital in one piece, and none would be lost.

On Saturday morning, the World Health Organization (WHO) expressed concerns over the safety of individuals working at Shifa Hospital following the IDF fight against Hamas terrorists near the facility. WHO said it was unable to communicate with its employees operating inside Shifa.

Israel Directs People in Northern Gaza-Based Hospitals to Leave

Meanwhile, Israel has ordered people taking refuge at northern Gaza-based hospitals to evacuate immediately so the IDF can deal with Hamas fighters who are believed to have built command centers under these hospitals. But the terror group has denied the IDF’s allegations severally. Medical staff have told the press that patients are likely to die if they’re moved. Moreover, they claim that the Israeli army’s fire is making it dangerous for people to evacuate.