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Video: Terrorism in the North, Hezbollah Anti Tank Rockets Fired on Northern Israel Injure Civilians Near Moshav Dovav

Nov 12, 2023

Hezbollah Fires Rockets on Israel

Rockes were fired by Hezbollah terrorists on the town of Dovev in northern Israel. A number of civilians were severely injured.

Video of the aftermath of the Hezbollah terror group rocket:

Israeli Civilians Severely Injured

While conducting repairs, in coordination with security forces, workers from the Israeli Electric Company were struck by anti-tank rocket fire, near Moshav Dovav in northern Israel. The repairs were aimed at fixing power lines previously damaged by rocket fire. Initial reports indicate that there are injuries among the company’s employees. This is another instance of terrorism coming out of southern Lebanon, from the hezbollah terror group.

Israel Retaliates

Israeli UAVs are now in the sky above southern Lebanon attacking the Hezbollah cells that fired the rockets on northern Israel.


Smoke billowing in south Lebanon after Israeli retaliation attacks:

Southern Lebanon, aftermath of Israli UAV retaliation:

Hezbollah Use of Anti Tank Rockets Against Civilians

Hezbollah, a Lebanese Shia Islamist political party and militant group, has been actively involved in various conflicts, primarily targeting Israel. It’s a subject of international debate, being labeled a terrorist organization by countries like the United States, Canada, and the European Union. However, some see it as a legitimate resistance movement. This dichotomy is reflective of the complex political landscape in the Middle East, where Hezbollah plays a significant role.

Hezbollah’s arsenal includes a range of weapons, notably anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs). These missiles, initially designed for combat against armored military vehicles, have seen a concerning shift in targets – including civilian areas. This shift marks a substantial increase in both the lethality and precision of Hezbollah’s weaponry, raising alarms about their evolving military strategy.

Civilians in the Crosshairs

The deployment of these weapons in civilian-populated areas has sparked grave concerns. The indiscriminate nature of such attacks and the ensuing risk of civilian casualties violate international law, including the Geneva Conventions. These laws mandate the clear distinction between military and civilian targets in conflicts. Hezbollah’s actions during various conflicts, particularly the 2006 Lebanon War, underscore this issue. Their anti-tank rockets, effective against Israeli tanks, were also reported to have caused civilian harm, underscoring the human cost of such military tactics.

The international community has widely condemned Hezbollah’s use of anti-tank rockets against civilian targets, viewing it as a blatant violation of humanitarian law. This criticism is part of the broader scrutiny of Hezbollah’s military approach. In response, Israel and other nations have developed sophisticated defense systems, such as the Israeli Defense Forces’ “Trophy” system, designed to intercept and neutralize these threats.

Hezbollah’s military actions intertwine closely with its political goals. Portraying itself as the defender of Lebanese sovereignty against Israeli aggression, the group uses its military prowess to bolster its political influence. However, this approach brings significant humanitarian challenges, often resulting in civilian displacement, injuries, and fatalities.

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