• Tue. May 28th, 2024

IDF Solder Rescued From Hamas

On Monday evening, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) released a statement saying it had rescued an Israeli Soldier during its ground operation in Gaza last night. Private Ori Megidish was among the 230 individuals taken hostage on October 7 after Hamas invaded Israel and executed a brutal massacre.

The Israeli army reported that Megidish’s medication examination showed she was in good health and, therefore, she was reunited with her family. The IDF has promised to reunite more families with their loved ones who are currently in captivity in Gaza.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Isaac Herzog React

Following news regarding the release of Megidish, Israeli top leaders President Herzog and Prime Minister Netanyahu took to X to express their happiness. Herzog said he was delighted to see Private Megidish reunite with her family after three weeks of living at the mercy of Hamas. The President added that the IDF will continue to operate 24/7 in Gaza to ensure all captives are rescued.

Netanyahu, on the other hand, began his post by commending the IDF and Shin Bet for executing a successful operation in Gaza. He then welcomed Megidish back home. The Prime Minister warned Hamas that Israel will continue pursuing its members until all of them are eliminated.

Hamas Responses to Megidish’s Rescue News

In response to Megidish’s rescue, Hamas told followers of its Telegram channel that the IDF did not rescue any hostage on Sunday night. The terror group claimed that the rescue news was intended to divert the world’s attention from the video the terrorists released on Monday that featured captured women.

The Hamas video has brought relief, at least to some families who saw their loved ones. Ramos Aloni, a father whose daughter is in captivity, told the press that he was relieved to see her alive in the video clip. He also revealed that her daughter has a medical condition that requires her to take medicine daily.

Aloni is now calling on Qatar to persuade the Hamas terrorists to free the captives. The Arabic country has been acting as a mediator in the ongoing Israel-Hamas hostage negotiation.