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Video: IDF Spokesperson Confirms Over 15K Terror Targets Hit, 6K Weapons Seized in Gaza

Nov 10, 2023

Key Insights:

  • IDF intensifies Gaza operations, hitting 15,000 terror targets and seizing 6,000 weapons, showcasing strategic multi-force coordination.
  • Successful IDF interception of UAV near Eilat with ”Diamond” system highlights advanced air defense capabilities amid ongoing conflict.
  • Comprehensive IDF campaign targets Hamas infrastructure, combining air, sea, and ground assaults in a decisive strike against terrorism.

15,000 Terror Targets Hit in Gaza

A spokesperson from the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) recently provided updates on Israel’s increased measures to confront terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip. The update included information that the IDF has acted against more than 15,000 locations associated with terrorist activities. These military efforts have led to the disturbance of operations and the seizure of around 6,000 weapons.

IDF Video – 10th November 2023

“The IDF has attacked more than 15,000 targets of terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip, destroying and seizing about 6,000 weapons since the beginning of the fighting; thus, the “Diamond” system intercepted an unmanned aircraft near the city of Eilat yesterday.”

IDF Deploys Advanced Weaponry in Latest Operations

The IDF operations encompass a range of military tools, such as missiles for combating tanks and personnel, rocket launchers, and surface-to-air missile systems. These operations have also uncovered and collected a significant quantity of explosives, ammunition, and materials used in bomb construction, reflecting the extensive scope and impact of the activities.

The IDF’s recent surge in operations has been concentrated on crippling the infrastructural backbone of terror groups. This includes attacks on operational headquarters, weapons storage facilities, command and control nodes, governmental and intelligence targets, launch sites, terror tunnels, and several Hamas operatives.

As highlighted by the IDF spokesperson, a hallmark of these operations is the coordinated effort of air, naval, and ground forces. Moreover, the infantry and intelligence corps have been instrumental in the real-time identification of hundreds of targets, subsequently attacked by the air force and navy. This strategy has enabled rapid and effective strikes on terror targets.

IDF’s ”Diamond” System Intercepts Hostile Drone Near Eilat

A notable incident in this series of operations was the downing of a hostile unmanned aircraft near Eilat city. The IDF’s “Diamond” (Patriot) air defense system successfully intercepted the UAV before it could enter Israeli airspace. This interception is part of a series of actions undertaken by air defense units during the conflict, demonstrating their readiness and precision.

On the same accord, the IDF has made available footage and detailed infographics to illustrate these operations. This includes evidence of the aerial target interception by the “Diamond” system and the coordinated attacks by the air force, navy, and ground forces. Additionally, infographics provide a comprehensive view of the 15,000 targeted sites and the extensive arsenal of weapons captured.

The escalation of military operations in the Gaza Strip, as conveyed by the Israeli Defense Forces spokesperson, signifies a critical juncture in Israel’s continuous campaign against terrorism. The effective capture of an uncrewed aerial vehicle near Eilat showcases the Israeli Defense Forces’ dedication to safeguarding the nation and their proficiency in tackling diverse challenges. The Israeli Defense Forces maintain heightened vigilance as circumstances develop, persisting in their comprehensive missions to eliminate dangers and promote regional peace and stability.