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Video: Gaza Al Shifa Hospital Yard Hit by Hamas Mortar Shell, Not by IDF Bombing

Nov 10, 2023

Gaza Al Shifa Hospital Blast Last Night

According to recent reports, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) are alleged to have fired a shell at Shifa Hospital last night, as claimed by sources in Gaza. New footage has emerged showing that, amidst an exchange of fire between IDF and militant forces, Hamas launched mortar rounds, one of which reportedly struck near the hospital’s courtyard. The right side of the video distinctly shows a mortar bomb descending close to the hospital. This footage, released by Gazan sources, seemingly implicates Hamas in this incident once again.

The Hamas Mortar Shell Video

Hamas Use of Mortar Shells

Hamas, the Islamist political and terrorist group that controls the Gaza Strip, has been known to use mortars as part of its military tactics. These mortars are typically used against Israeli military targets and civilian areas. The use of mortars, along with other military tactics by Hamas, has been a point of significant international concern due to the risks and harm they pose to civilians.

Hamas’s use of mortars is often part of broader escalations of violence in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. These actions are widely condemned by many international bodies and governments, including the United States and the European Union, who have designated Hamas as a terrorist organization. The use of mortars, particularly in densely populated areas, raises serious concerns under international law regarding the protection of civilians in armed conflict.

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Al-Shifa Hospital, also known as Dar Al-Shifa Hospital, stands as the principal medical facility in the Gaza Strip, situated in the northern Rimal area of Gaza City. This hospital, recognized as the most active in Gaza, generally has the capacity to handle 700 patients. However, during heightened conflict periods, this number can surge dramatically, sometimes necessitating the treatment of over 5,000 patients, leading to severe strains on the healthcare system.

This hospital has been at the center of controversy, particularly in the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Israel Defense Forces have accused Hamas, the militant group in control of Gaza, of establishing its primary operational base beneath the premises of Al-Shifa Hospital, substantiating their claims with visual and audio evidence. Additionally, the hospital has been implicated in the conflict, with both Israel and Hamas assigning responsibility to each other for explosions that occurred at the hospital and an adjacent refugee camp, causing significant casualties, including child fatalities and numerous injuries.

These events underscore the complexities and often devastating impacts of the conflict on civilian infrastructure, with essential facilities like hospitals becoming embroiled in military and geopolitical disputes.

Operation Swords of Iron

Operation Swords of Iron was initiated by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) as a direct response to a complex attack by Hamas on October 7, 2023. This operation came in the wake of a multifaceted offensive from Hamas, which unusually involved tactics like paragliders, drones, and speedboats. This marked a significant escalation in the conflict’s intensity and complexity.

The IDF’s response, termed Operation Swords of Iron, aimed to address these threats and manage the infiltration of Hamas militants into Israeli territories, who were targeting both civilians and the IDF. In the wake of these events, the Israeli government, under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, declared a state of readiness for war and convened emergency security meetings.

The scale of the IDF’s counteroffensive was substantial, following an intense assault by Hamas that included the launching of around 5,000 rockets towards Israel. Hamas’s actions also involved direct incursions into Israeli towns, during which there were 1400 killings and 240 kidnappings by Palestinian terrorists. This heightened the severity of the situation, prompting the IDF to conduct multiple airstrikes in the Gaza Strip and a large ground operation.

Operation Swords of Iron is a critical moment in the Israeli-Hamas conflict, characterized by escalated military tactics and significant civilian impact. The operation highlighted the ongoing challenges and complexities in managing this long-standing conflict, particularly the severe consequences for civilian populations on both sides.