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Video: Anti-Israel Protesters in New York City Hit a Jewish Man in the Head With a Chair

Nov 10, 2023

Jewish Man Attacked at Anti Israel Protest

Anti-Israel protesters in New York City hit a Jewish man in the head with a chair. They taunt him as he starts bleeding. One of the sounds a lot like Nelson Muntz.

Violence and Anti Semitism at Anti Israel Protests

Violence and confrontations have occurred at anti-Israel protests in various locations, with incidents reported in both the United States and internationally.

In California, a Jewish man died after an altercation at a pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian street protest. Witnesses described the incident as battery, leading to blunt force trauma that caused the man’s death, which was ruled a homicide.

On college campuses in the U.S., tensions have escalated to the point where safety concerns have been raised. For example, at Cooper Union in New York, Jewish students felt threatened during a pro-Palestinian rally. Incidents like these have led to calls for increased security measures to protect students.

Internationally, the conflict has led to numerous antisemitic incidents targeting Jewish institutions and individuals. These events have included verbal assaults, physical attacks, and hate speech, with incidents reported in Germany, the UK, Austria, Venezuela, and other countries. Such acts of targeting Jewish communities and individuals because of the actions of Israel are considered antisemitic and have raised significant concerns among Jewish communities.

These incidents illustrate the high emotions and tensions that can arise during protests involving the complex and deeply felt issues surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.