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Video: Elon Musk on Hamas – “Israel Should Kill or Incarcerate All Hamas Members”

Nov 10, 2023

Elon Musk on Hamas-Israel War

“I think it’s appropriate for Israel to find the Hamas members and either kill them or incarcerate them, that’s something that has to be done because they are going to keep coming otherwise.”

Elon Musk Video on Hamas

Elon Musk Opinion on Hamas and Iran

Elon Musk not long ago also flagged to a tweet by Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei that praised Hamas’ actions against Israel. Musk expressed his disapproval, suggesting that the underlying aim was to eliminate Israel, rather than merely assisting Palestinians.

He pointed out that such tactics would not be successful, only perpetuating ongoing violence and retaliation. Musk advocated for exploring alternative strategies, highlighting his stance on the ongoing conflict and the futility of continued aggression, rather than making a specific comment about Hamas.

Elon Musk Opinion on Islamist Terrorism

Elon Musk in the past has also demonstrated his disapproval of entities that endorse or glorify acts of violence linked to Islamist extremism by removing the Jisr Collective from Twitter for their commendation of a lethal attack in Jerusalem. Musk’s direct response to the collective’s aggressive postings was to declare such behavior unacceptable, leading to the prompt suspension of their account.

The collective had established a reputation for its extremist rhetoric, which includes calls for armed conflict, the elimination of Israel, and the creation of a Palestinian state across the designated territory. Musk’s decisive measures reflect his opposition to organizations that facilitate or propagate Islamist terrorist activities.

Elon Musk Opinion on Gaza

Elon Musk has conveyed a commitment to humanitarian causes through his company SpaceX’s actions, particularly in relation to Gaza. He has stated that SpaceX’s Starlink service aims to provide connectivity for “internationally recognized aid organizations” in Gaza, especially during communication disruptions caused by blackouts. These disruptions have hindered crucial operations and severed vital contacts.

Israeli authorities have expressed apprehension about the potential misuse of Starlink services by Hamas, which governs Gaza, for terror-related activities. Musk has not provided an immediate response to these concerns. His company’s initiative seems to be focused on facilitating humanitarian aid rather than commenting on Gaza’s political complexities.

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