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IDF Video Reveals How Hamas Uses Rafah Hospital For Terrorism

Feb 16, 2024

Terrorist’s Confession

In a shocking revelation, a video has surfaced depicting an interrogation conducted by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) of a terrorist apprehended near the ‘Nasser’ hospital in Rafah. The five-minute footage shows the captured militant confessing to ten Israeli hostages within the hospital’s confines, explaining how the terrorist uses the hospital as a front for their activities.

The IDF operation earlier this month was a response to intelligence reports indicating the presence of hostages in the hospital. Upon entering the area, the IDF swiftly apprehended the suspect but hasn’t disclosed the identity of the suspect yet.

During the interrogation, the captured terrorist provided more details, asserting that the hospital houses separate rooms dedicated to Hamas members and holds hostages, including Israeli captives. This revelation raises concerns about the exploitation of medical facilities for terrorist activities.

The Nasser Hospital, located in Rafah, has long been a focal point of controversy due to its alleged ties to Hamas. The presence of hostages within its walls not only violates international humanitarian law but also underscores the gravity of the situation in the Gaza Strip.

IDF Launches Operation To Retrieve Hostages’ Bodies

Meanwhile, the IDF has launched a mission within Nasser Hospital in Khan Yunis aimed at apprehending Hamas terrorists and recovering the bodies of hostages. The operation is also expected to apprehend more Hamas terrorists, especially suspects linked to the October 7 massacre, according to an IDF official statement.

During a recent press conference, IDF Spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari stated that certain hostages have been verified as deceased. He emphasized the forces’ commitment to locating and repatriating the bodies of those hostages within Gaza.

Accordingly, the IDF officially reached out to the director of Nasser Hospital, urging the immediate cessation of all Hamas terrorist activities within the facility and the prompt evacuation of all Hamas militants. Since Hamas terrorists are taking refuge behind injured civilians within Nasser Hospital, the IDF is deploying specialized forces to conduct the operation that targets Hamas terrorists precisely.

Nevertheless, Hagari emphasized that safeguarding the hospital’s role in treating Gazan patients remains a priority amidst the ongoing military operation.

Joint Military Efforts By IDF And Shin Bet

Meanwhile, the IDF has announced a partnership with the Israel Security Agency to execute a joint operation resulting in the assassination of Hamas battalion commander Ahmad Gul in the Shati area. Gul was implicated in the October 7 massacre and the abduction of Noa Marciano.

Across the Gaza Strip, Israeli ground and air force units conducted targeted strikes on Hamas terrorists, neutralizing their rocket launchers. Combat soldiers from the Nahal Brigade and other units successfully eliminated several terrorists, including a high-ranking Hamas commander, in various regions of Gaza.

IDF commandos continued to raid terrorist targets in Khan Yunis, seizing weapons and explosives belonging to them. Additionally, naval and artillery units thwarted an attempted terrorist incursion near IDF troops.

Troops from the 7th Brigade operated in the western region of Khan Yunis, engaged terrorists through sniper fire and raiding multiple targets. The IDF’s ongoing operations underscore its commitment to combating terrorism while prioritizing the safety and security of civilians in the region. However, the international community is still calling for accountability to ensure the safety and security of all civilians.