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IDF’s Efficient Gaza Strategy Limits Civilian Casualties Despite Criticism

Dec 13, 2023

IDF’s Operation in Gaza

There have been calls for a ceasefire in recent weeks as the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) continue to go after Hamas, the terror group that executed a deadly assault on Israel in early October, killing 1,200 people, including Israelis and foreigners.

Since the Israel-Hamas fight broke out, Gaza’s Health Ministry has reported the deaths of more than 10,000 Palestinians. The toll, however, has yet to be verified by Israeli authorities. Moreover, some reports suggest that the Hamas-led Health Ministry has been including killed terrorists in the death toll.

How IDF is Avoiding Civilian Casualties

To avoid further civilian casualties, the Israeli army has adopted a new battle plan, as explained by Minister for Strategic Affairs Ron Dermer. Speaking to PBS journalist Nick Schifrin, Dermer said the Israel Defense Forces was minimizing civilian casualties through evacuations.

The IDF has been calling on Palestinians in the northern area of Gaza to move southwards over the past few weeks. The Israeli army considers northern Gaza a battlefield; therefore, asking civilians to evacuate gives the Israeli soldiers room to fight and kill only the terrorists.

While the majority of Palestinians have moved to the south, recent reports show Hamas has been blocking Gazans from leaving the northern area for the obvious reason: to use them as human shields. Some of the Palestinians who attempted to evacuate last week are said to have been shot dead by the terror group members.

IDF Adopts New Tactics for Sharing Intelligence

Meanwhile, the IDF says it has employed new tactics to supply soldiers in Gaza with essential intelligence quickly. IDF spokesperson Daniel Hagari said on Sunday that a team from the Military Intelligence Directorate was tasked with collecting intel from numerous sources and then sharing it with soldiers in Gaza as fast as possible.

Hagari narrated an incident where the intelligence team informed IDF soldiers about Hamas fighters who were close to them. Within a few minutes, the soldiers launched artillery fire, killing seven.

As the IDF faces massive criticism over its Gaza operations, the Israeli army has vowed to continue with its fight against Hamas until all terrorists are eliminated.