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Iranian-Funded Hezbollah Plot to Attack Israelis in Brazil Foiled by Security Forces

Nov 9, 2023

Foiling A Sinister Plot

In a significant joint operation, the Brazilian Federal Police, in collaboration with Israeli intelligence agencies, have successfully foiled a suspected domestic terror plot. This operation targeted Israeli and Jewish interests and was still in its early planning stages.

According to federal investigators, the sinister scheme was orchestrated by the Lebanese terror group Hezbollah, known to be an Iranian proxy. The plot involved the recruitment of Brazilian citizens to attack members of the Brazilian Jewish community, estimated to be around 120,000 strong.

Shockingly, their intended targets reportedly included places of worship, synagogues, and community gatherings.

International Collaboration And Intelligence Efforts

Accordingly, the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office has released a statement acknowledging the fruitful cooperation between the Mossad and various Israeli and international security agencies with their Brazilian counterparts. This collaborative effort was instrumental in averting the planned attack in Brazil, which was not only organized by Hezbollah but also funded and directed by Iran.

Furthermore, the statement highlighted the expansive nature of this network, which was not confined to Brazil alone. It emphasized that against the backdrop of the ongoing conflict with the Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza, Hezbollah, along with the Iranian regime, continues to operate globally, targeting Jewish, Israeli, and Western interests.

Hezbollah’s Suspected Involvement In Gaza War

Hezbollah, a close ally of the Palestinian terror group Hamas, has been engaged in intensifying clashes with the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) along Israel’s northern borders amid the ongoing conflict with Hamas in Gaza. However, Hezbollah’s leader, Hassan Nasrallah, has denied prior knowledge of Hamas’ assault on southern Israeli communities, which resulted in a tragic loss of lives and numerous hostages.

Meanwhile, Hezbollah and Iran have been implicated in various terror plots against Israeli and Jewish targets in foreign nations in recent years. These include incidents in Cyprus and Greece this year and earlier attacks in Turkey and the UK in the last eight years.

One particular incident occurred in 2012, when Hezbollah orchestrated an attack in a city in Bulgaria, Burgas, claiming the lives of five Israeli tourists.

Brazilian Authorities’ Response

Meanwhile, the Brazilian authorities have successfully apprehended two individuals in Sao Paulo (the nation’s most populous state and home to the most prominent local Jewish community). One suspect was arrested at Guarulhos International Airport, having just arrived from Lebanon.

Additionally, Brazilian courts have issued arrest warrants for two other suspects believed to be located in Lebanon. Thus, police have executed 11 search and seizure warrants across the state of Minas Gerais in southeastern Brazil and the Federal District.

Accordingly, Daniel Bialski, the vice president of Conib, the leading Jewish organization in Brazil, has expressed his apprehension regarding the matter. However, he also appreciated the swift and preemptive action taken by the Federal Police, along with the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Ministry of Justice, to neutralize the threat.

Bialski underscored the urgency of capturing potential accomplices and stressed the shared desire of the Jewish community for continued peaceful coexistence with the broader Brazilian society.

If convicted, the masterminds behind these alleged terror plots will face serious charges, including a prison term of up to 15 years.