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Video: Palestinian Islamist Terror Group Releases Video of 2 More Hostages Attacking Netanyahu (Psychological Terrorism)

Nov 9, 2023

Hamas is using lies, terror and brutality, as usual, to try to terrorize the Israeli population into giving them what they want – which is of course, the ability to continue to kill more Jews for as long as possible.

Civilian Hostages Forced to Blame Netanyahu in Harrowing Video

Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror group has posted another video of Israeli hostages Hanna Katzir, 77, and Yagil Yaakov, 13. In the video they are “Blaming Netanyahu”. Another attempt of psychological terrorism by Palestinian terror groups.


We have received the full video, you can see the video is heavily edited, specially the video of Hanna Katzir. She was not saying what they wanted her to say so they edited it quite a bit and also the video of Yagil Yaakov looks heavily edited. They most definitely were forcefully made to rehearse what the terrorists wanted them to say, for hours, and they were told exactly how to say it, so these 3 minutes is hours of preparation and training in what the terrorists want them to say for the terror propaganda machine. The only thing you can grant from this video is that these 2 hostages may still be alive.

We are posting the video so that you can see how Palestinian terror groups continue to use civilians, innocents, to push their propaganda and genocidal plans. The full video is below with a translation to English after.

The Video Released by Islamic Jihad in Gaza:

What are They Saying in the Video?

A reminder, they are being held captive by murdering, rapist, terrorists who killed women and babies and family members of these hostages, right in front of them. Some of their family members, friends and neighbors are also being held hostage. They are being forced to say what they are saying in the video.

Hanna Katzir, 77, kidnapped on 7th October 2023:

“I am Hanna Katzir from kibbutz Nir Oz, I am now here, in a place that is not mine and I miss home. To my children, to Rami my husband, and to all of my dear family, I give a warm greeting, I love you, I hope I will be able to see you next week, with everyone healthy and happy, and I want everyone to be healthy and happy. I think that the person responsible for the mess, for the people fighting with each other, and for our problems, is Bibi (Benjamin) Netanyahu, Bibi (Benjamin) Netanyahu destroys anything good, hurts people, insults them, and because of this all the children were killed, he made many mistakes, and it hurts our society, and other societies too. I think that Bibi is responsible for all of the problems, what is happening in our country and in the world, it is time for Bibi to go home. The Jihad fighters did everything for us to be healthy, it was ok, people were ok with us, food, health, sleeping, everything was normal. All in all they were very nice with us. I ask the government of Israel to make an agreement, and we will return home sane, healthy and united”

Yagil Yaakov, 13, kidnapped on 7th October 2023:

“Hello, my name is Yagil Yaakov, I am 13 years old, I miss my friends and family very very much, and I love them, and I want to say thank you very much and I strengthen the supporters now in Tel Aviv, who are doing their best to pressure the government to get me back home, with all the prisoners, I want to say to Netanyahu that it is simply unbelievable, all of these explosions, it’s crazy, you are killing children, you are killing prisoners, you are not turning on the water, electricity, medicine to here and we as prisoners need these things. Forget the Palestinians, we need it. I want to thank all the supporters in Tel Aviv and I hope to return home as soon as possible, the more time that passes I am more in danger, thank you very much to the Jihad fighters who are guarding me, here in Gaza, that I won’t die and that I will get water and food, as is needed, and medicine, everything. Netanyahu i want to tell you that if something happens to me, it will be on your conscience. And if something happens to one of the prisoners, it will be on your conscience, because the Jihad fighters are working very hard to guard all of us, thank you.”

Yagil Yaakov, 13 -

The video of the beautiful child Yigal Yaakov is very difficult to watch – it’s hard to see how the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization cynically uses an innocent 13-year-old child. We can only say that sweet Yigal expresses a lot of thanks to all the supporters of the kidnapped families.

Michael Elgort on X: “I won’t share the video where Palestinian Islamic Jihad forces a child and an elderly woman to curse Bibi Netanyahu and blame him I will show a screenshot and tell you we now have proof of life for Hana Katzir and Yigal Yakov”

What is Psychological Terrorism?

Psychological Terrorism is what Hamas, the Palestinian Islamist terror group in Gaza and the West Bank, is doing now, by releasing every week or two a new video to terrorize the Jewish people, by releasing 2 hostages out of 230+ and then making another video and then releasing 2 more then another video. This is an attempt to change the minds of the politicians who manage the Israeli war against the terrorists by putting pressure on civilians and terrorizing civilians and their families, especially the families of the hostages.

Will This Terror Tactic Work?

It is difficult to say if this terror tactic will work or not. The whole Israeli military and air-force and ground troops are now slowly surrounding Gaza City and conducting more and more raids, searching for the hostages and eliminating terrorists. It could just be a matter of time before they are all found and set free and before all of the terrorists are eliminated.

On the other hand the families of the hostages have lost trust in the government and do not believe they will ever see their loved ones again and are searching for a cease fire / hostage and prisoner swap deal. Israeli military officials are saying that Hamas is sending 2 separate signals at the moment to the world.

The first signal is through back channels, Qatar, Egypt and others whom are trying to negotiate release of hostages, in these messages Hamas is saying they will not release any hostages unless Israel is “defeated” meaning, stopping all attacks on Gaza and setting free all the Palestinian terrorists in Israeli prisons, and lifting the blockade on Gaza, sending LOTS of “humanitarian” aid to Gaza, sending billions of dollars to Gaza ect ect ect – to strengthen Hamas for their next attack. All of these things are of course impossible to do as it would be suicide for Israel.

Infographic: The Countries Donating The Most To The Palestinians  | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

The second signals Hamas are sending is to the world, to media outlets, through videos of hostages, telling everyone that the terror group only wants to do a hostage for prisoners swap, everyone for everyone, which is a lie, they have no such plans.

A Reminder – 7th October Massacres and Kidnappings

October 7th, 2023, was a day when the world bore witness to the ruthless and savage acts of Hamas terrorists in southern Israel. A graphic and uncensored video gave viewers a firsthand look at the terror unleashed upon a population consisting mainly of women, children, the elderly, and the sick. The horrifying visuals showed the aftermath of attacks where more than 1,400 lives were lost to the violence instigated by Hamas terrorists and 240 people were kidnapped.

Credit: HamasVideo.com

In Conclusion

Hamas is using lies, terror and brutality, as usual, to try to terrorize the Israeli population into giving them what they want – which is of course, the ability to continue to kill us as soon as possible. While sending signals to the world that strengthen their narrative and pressure Israel into giving them what they want, which is of course, the ability to continue to kill more Jews.

Islamist terror works this way but we think that they will not get what they want and in the short and long run, Israel, the allies of human kind, will prevail over Hamas and Palestinian Islamist terror groups, who are the enemies of mankind.