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Ballistic Missiles Fired on Eilat, Israel by Iran Backed Yemen Islamist Terror Group

Nov 9, 2023

Houthi Missile and Rocket Attacks on Eilat

More ballistic missiles were fired just now on Eilat (southern Israel) by the Houthis in Yemen, to remind you the Houthis are an Iranian backed Islamist terror group in Yemen. Multiple explosions have been reported in Eilat.

Yemen Houthi’s spokesman: “Our armed forces launched a batch of ballistic missiles at various sensitive targets including Israeli military targets in Eilat. The Houthis of Yemen has issued 48 hours ultimatum for Israel to stop genocide in Gaza.

Houthi Spokesman Video

Video of Air Raid Sirens in Eilat Hotel

The Houthi Terrorist Movement in Yemen

Originating from Saada governorate in Yemen during the 1990s, the group known as Ansar Allah, or the Houthis, represents an Islamist faction with military capabilities. The majority of its members adhere to the Zaidi Shia branch of Islam, and its leadership is primarily from the Houthi tribal family. The group has consistently challenged the authority of the Yemeni government, receiving backing from Iran in this endeavor.

The insurgency led by the Houthis, often called the Sa’dah conflict or the Houthi rebellion, initially started as an armed defiance against the national forces in the northern regions of Yemen. This standoff has grown into a widespread civil war involving multiple parties and has had repercussions for the stability of the broader region, with countries like Saudi Arabia getting involved.

In the current state of the civil war, the Houthis hold dominion over the majority of Yemen’s northern territories. They have executed numerous assaults involving missiles and drones targeting both Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The persistent engagement by the Houthis has amplified the complexities of the Yemeni civil war, leading to a dire humanitarian crisis in the country.

Houthis Have Attacked Israel Multiple Times Since War Broke Out Between Israel and Hamas

Yahya Saree, a spokesperson for the Houthi forces, announced that they had initiated multiple missile and drone strikes towards Israel on October 31 to support the Palestinians, with promises of continued attacks. He acknowledged the group’s responsibility for previous incidents, including a drone strike on October 28 that led to explosions in Egypt and was attributed to the Houthis by Israel, and another event on October 19 when the U.S. Navy intercepted cruise missiles.

Video of Houthis Firing on Israel

Iranian “Axis of Resistance

The Houthis, who align themselves with Iran’s “Axis of Resistance,” have openly supported the Palestinians against Israel. Saree cited Israel’s actions as a source of regional instability and vowed that the Houthi attacks would persist until what he described as Israeli aggression ceased. The group’s slogan underlines their opposition to the U.S., Israel, and expresses support for Islam.

In terms of their capabilities, the Houthis have showcased their missile and drone technology through assaults on Saudi Arabia and the UAE, targeting key infrastructure. The Saudi-led coalition has accused Iran of providing the Houthis with arms, training, and funds, an allegation the Houthis deny, claiming independence in their weapons development.