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Irish-Israeli Woman Confirmed Dead Following Hamas Attack, President Michael Higgins Pays Tributes

Oct 12, 2023

Kim Damti’s Sister Confirms Her Death

Kim Damti, the Irish-Israeli woman who went missing on Saturday when Hamas opened fire on attendees of a Techno music festival in Southern Israel, has been confirmed dead by her sister Laura.

In a long Facebook post, Laura informed his friends about the demise of her sister while condemning the evil deeds of Hamas.

The Gaza-based terror group launched its attack on Israel after managing to break down a wire fence set up at the Israel-Gaza border. Israelis living near the border and the attendees of the music event, including Damti, were among the first victims of the Hamas attack.

Kim Damti’s Mother Speaks Out

Damti’s mom, Jennifer, spoke to ABC News on Sunday, where she said her daughter called her immediately after she learned they were under attack. A few minutes later, she could not reach Damti, and that’s when she suspected something terrible might have happened to her.

Meanwhile, President Michael Higgins has led the Irish citizens in paying tributes to Damti. In a statement, he said he would support her family to ensure she is given a decent send-off. Higgins condemned those who continue to target defenseless civilians.

Taoiseach of Ireland Leo Varadkra also paid tribute. He said the country was together with Damti’s family during this time of grief. He added that her life was cut short in her prime. Varadkra then called the death of Kim and other 950 Israelis barbaric and senseless.

Michael Martin Mourns Kim Damti

Ireland Minister for Foreign Affairs Michael Martin joined other government officials in mourning the death of Kim. He began by extending his heartfelt condolences to her family and then said he was mesmerized by Damti’s energy in a video of her shared online. He added that they hoped she would be found alive, but unfortunately, terrorists took her life.

Earlier, President Varadkar released a statement warning Israel not to take a disproportionate approach towards Gaza in response to Hamas’ attack. He said Ireland was opposed to any move that would cut off basic needs like food, water, and electricity from people in Gaza.