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Lea Silverman From Ottawa is 3rd Canadian Murdered by Brutal Hamas Attack in Israel

Oct 11, 2023

Hamas Murdered Innocent Canadian

In Israel, a tragic event unfolded where another Canadian lost her life due to an aggressive act initiated by the extremist organization, Hamas, as confirmed by the victim’s family during a media briefing conducted by a prominent Jewish assembly in Ottawa.

Lea Silverman, a resident of Ottawa with dual Israeli-Canadian nationality, met her untimely demise during a devastating strike in Israel that took place recently. Her family, grief-stricken and in shock, recounted the incident, revealing that she was victimized in her own residence because of her Jewish identity.

Although the grieving family refrained from direct interactions with the media, their emotional statement was conveyed to the public by Sarah Goldberg, the head of the Ottawa Jewish Council. In the statement, Lea was remembered as a beacon of light, filling the lives of her parents and siblings with affection, joy, and meaning.

The family’s anguish was further deepened by the unbearable reality that while Lea’s children escaped the horror unscathed, she did not survive. Lea, who had recently earned her Master’s degree following a successful stint in chemical engineering, was making strides in the field of cybersecurity.

A Horrific Act of Terror

Lea’s connection to Ottawa remained strong, but her life was anchored in Israel, where she resided in a kibbutz – a communal living arrangement rooted in agriculture. The brutal incident has left her family and friends not only in mourning but also in a state of disbelief and outrage over the horrific act of terror that occurred in the tranquil setting of her kibbutz and the broader Israeli community.

The Canadian government, represented by Foreign Affairs Minister Martin Roberts, acknowledged the tragedy and assured ongoing support for the families of the victims. The calamity claimed the lives of two other Canadians, Jake Rosenberg of Vancouver and Samuel Leblanc of Montreal, who were participating in a cultural event near Gaza when terror struck, resulting in widespread casualties.

Canada’s condemnation of the savage attack by Hamas was unequivocal, Minister Roberts affirmed. The violent incident resulted in significant loss of life, triggering retaliatory actions that inflicted further casualties. The escalating crisis has prompted the Canadian government to arrange for the evacuation of its citizens from Israel to ensure their safety.

More Canadian Captives

Amidst security and safety considerations, Minister Roberts refrained from disclosing specific details regarding potential Canadian captives. He assured that negotiations were underway, with Canadian specialists collaborating with their Israeli counterparts to navigate this complex and sensitive situation.

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Image – Adi Vital-Kaploun, a Canadian citizen killed in Israel in the Hamas attacks, is shown in a handout photo. Handout photo – Consulate General of Israel in Toronto and Western Canada