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If an Additional Agreement to Extend the Hostage Deal Ceasefire is Not Made by Morning, Israel Will Continue the Anti-terrorism Ground Operations in Gaza Tomorrow

Nov 30, 2023

Ground Operations in Gaza

Israel and the terrorist Palestinian government in Gaza agreed to extend the truce by two more days, those two more days are now finished. If a further agreement to prolong the ceasefire isn’t reached by morning, Israel will proceed with its anti-terrorism ground operations in Gaza tomorrow.

The Ceasefire Agreement

6 days ago Israel and Hamas agreed on a prisoner exchange, marking a potential turning point in the long-standing conflict. The agreement was set to see the release of around 100 innocent female and children civilian hostages from Gaza in return for freeing Palestinian female and adolescent prisoners held in Israeli jails for comfiting crimes of terrorism such as stabbing and fire-bombing against Israeli civilians and soldiers.

Since the war broke out, Gaza’s Hamas ruled health ministry has reported the deaths of more than 15,000 Palestinians. The toll, however, has yet to be verified by international authorities. Moreover, some reports suggest that the Hamas-led health ministry has been including killed terrorists in the death toll.

How IDF is Avoiding Civilian Casualties

To avoid further civilian casualties, the Israeli army has adopted a new battle plan, as explained by Minister for Strategic Affairs Ron Dermer. Speaking to PBS journalist Nick Schifrin, Dermer said the Israel Defense Forces was minimizing civilian casualties through evacuations.

The IDF has been calling on Palestinians in the northern area of Gaza to move southwards over the past few weeks. The Israeli army considers northern Gaza a battlefield; therefore, asking civilians to evacuate gives the Israeli soldiers room to fight and kill only the terrorists.

While the majority of Palestinians have moved to the south, recent reports show Hamas has been blocking Gazans from leaving the northern area for the obvious reason: to use them as human shields. Some of the Palestinians who attempted to evacuate last week are said to have been shot dead by the terror group members.

IDF Captures Key Hamas Posts

Over the past weeks, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) managed to capture key Hamas posts in Gaza, killing throngs of terrorists in the process. The Israeli army has also uncovered that Hamas’ headquarters, where may of the Israeli hostages were brought on October 7th, were located in or under healthcare facilities.

Collective Denunciation of Hamas Human Shield Tactics by EU Nations

The collective member states of the European Union have issued a strong condemnation of Hamas. They criticize the group for allegedly using medical facilities and civilians as protective barriers in the conflict with Israel.

While Israel accuses Hamas of using key civilian locations like hospitals for military operations, Hamas has criticized the EU’s statements as biased and unjust. Despite the EU’s strong condemnation of Hamas’ tactics, the bloc stopped short of advocating for an immediate cease-fire, reflecting the complexity of the situation and the differing viewpoints within the EU.

Elon Musk on Hamas-Israel War

“I think it’s appropriate for Israel to find the Hamas members and either kill them or incarcerate them, that’s something that has to be done because they are going to keep coming otherwise.”

Elon Musk Video on Hamas

Elon Musk Opinion on Hamas and Iran

Elon Musk not long ago also flagged to a tweet by Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei that praised Hamas’ actions against Israel. Musk expressed his disapproval, suggesting that the underlying aim was to eliminate Israel, rather than merely assisting Palestinians.

Mosab Hassan Yousef Video

Mosab: “After the successful release of the most vulnerable group of hostages, Israel must give Hamas a timeframe to release the remaining hostages. If they fail Israel must execute Hamas mass murderers in Israeli prisons. No exception, Sheik Hassan Yousef is included.

Full Video by Son of Hamas Mosab Hassan Yousef (source)

Exposing Hamas’s Ultimate Goal on Israel

In the interview the former Hamas supporter tells his story, how he was radicalized as a child by his parents who supported Hamas, how he also helped to spread the extremist views on religion and Islamist ideology and what brought him to see the truth about Islamist terrorism.

Learn more:

Antisemitism in Wake of Palestinian Terror Attacks

The ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict in Gaza is reincarnating the previous practices exhibited by terrorists and their pro-supporters. Recently, signs displaying the ‘Star of David’ in the trash have become a commonplace experience within the pro-Palestinian protests.

The signs crudely drawn in trash bins are surfacing in pro-Palestinian protests suddenly everywhere. Hamas terrorists and supporters utilized the image a decade ago.

Undercover Jew: True Voices of a ‘Free Palestine’ Rally

Infamous Star of David in Trash Sign

The ‘keep the world clean’ memes surfaced following the Israel Defense Force (IDF) response to the Hamas terrorists move on Saturday, October 7, attacking and killing innocent individuals. The terrorists attacked the audience of the large music festival and residents near the Gaza-Israel border. With 1,200 individuals losing their lives, the IDF responded to rescue the residents and help the release of hostages kidnapped by the Hamas terrorists.

French Jewish woman stabbed in antisemitic attack in Lyon France, swastika painted on door

French Jewish woman stabbed in antisemitic attack in Lyon France, swastika painted on door

Top-Ranking Hamas Official Sends Warning to Israel

Ghazi Hamad, a senior Hamas official, told Lebanon-based media house LBC TV last week that the terror organization was determined to execute another attack on Israel similar to that of October 7 until the Jewish nation is finished.

Hamad said Israel must be removed from the Middle East, arguing that it constituted a military, political, and security catastrophe to Islamic and Arab nations. The Hamas leader added that Israel’s existence was the main cause of tears, pain, and blood in the region.

Hamad also ingeminated Hamas’ lie that the Gaza-based terrorists had no intention of harming civilians, claiming that the October 7 attack was “complicated.”

“We Are Ready to Pay the Price,” Hamad tells LBC TV

When asked what he thought of Israel’s response to the Hamas assault, which has left several Palestinians dead, Hamad said they were ready to pay the price for driving Israel out of the Middle East.

Hamad’s statements echoed those of Ismail Haniyeh, the Hamas leader, who recently told Al-Mayadeen TV that Israel’s demise was inevitable. In the interview, Haniyeh said Hamas was already making preparations for a “Post-occupation” phase.

Meanwhile, Hamad said everything that Hamas terrorists do is justified, claiming they are “victims of the occupation” and, therefore, no one should blame them.