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Video: Muslims Confront Jewish Students Holding Peaceful March in the US, Antisemitism is Rising

Nov 29, 2023

Jewish Peaceful March Disrupted

In the latest antisemitic incident, Muslims in the United States disrupted a peaceful march organized by Jewish students on Tuesday. In a video shared on X, formerly Twitter, the Muslims can be heard insulting the students and telling them that Hamas terrorists would soon destroy the Israeli Defense Forces.

Moreover, the culprits took away some Star of David flags from the Jewish students and stepped on them. The violent acts forced the students to move in groups for their safety.

Cases of antisemitism have risen since October 7th, when Gaza-based terrorist group Hamas launched a deadly attack against Israel. Over 1,200 people lost their lives that day, with more than 240 taken captive in Gaza. According to Liora Rez, the founder of Stop AntiSemitism, a group that exposes hate-driven acts against Jewish people, over 500 antisemitic acts are being reported daily. Before the war, Rez says the organization only received less than 50 cases per day.

“Jewish Students Are Suffering Abroad,” Liora Rez Says

The Stop AntiSemitism founder adds that it’s now a nightmare being a Jewish student abroad. Since Israel started responding to the Hamas attack by bombarding Gaza, several colleges, especially in Canada and the United States, have witnessed intense protests organized by pro-Palestinian demonstrators.

During these protests, the demonstrators display flyers with the phrase “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free, ” which many Jewish students regard as a threat. They argue that it is an open call for the elimination of Israel.

Meanwhile, since the intense clashes between pro-Palestinian protesters and Jewish students at Cooper Union College in New York three weeks ago, Jewish leaders have called on learning institutions across the world to adopt protection measures for Jewish students.

More Antisemitic Attacks Reported

Antisemitic acts have not been directed at Jewish students alone. One elderly Jewish man was recently attacked and killed during a pro-Israeli rally in New York. Moreover, a US-based synagogue president was also brutally murdered last month. In Canada, several Jewish Community Centers have been attacked, mostly with Molotov cocktails.

Javier Milei, Argentina’s President-Elect, Announces Conversion to Judaism, Antisemites Immediately Attack Him

Javier Milei, the recently elected President of Argentina, has made a groundbreaking announcement about his intention to convert to Judaism. This decision marks a significant shift in the religious landscape of Argentine politics and represents a personal transformation for Milei.

Prioritizing Israel Ties

Milei’s commitment to strengthening Argentina’s relationship with Israel is evident in his actions and statements. He visited the Chabad-Lubavitch tent in Washington before meeting any American officials or representatives from the International Monetary Fund. His administration is poised to become one of the most pro-Israel governments in Argentina’s history, contrasting with the stance of other Latin American countries towards Israel’s strategy against Hamas.

Antisemites Immediately Attack Him

All over social media now, antisemites and pro-Hamas accounts are attacking the new Argentinian president, claiming he is “bought and paid for” by Jews. Of course the anti-Semites will say this, another blood libel by the pro-Terrorism Islamo-Nazi propoganda machine.