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Israeli Woman Eden Zacharia (28), Murdered by Savage Palestinians in Captivity, Buried Today on Her 28th Birthday

Dec 15, 2023

Eden Zacharia

Eden Zacharia, a 27-year-old Israeli citizen, tragically became a prominent figure in the news due to her abduction and subsequent death at the hands of Hamas. Zacharia was captured while trying to escape the October 7 massacre at the Supernova desert rave, along with her boyfriend and friends.

The horrific incident at the rave led to her being taken hostage by Hamas, and sadly, she did not survive the ordeal.

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IDF Recovers Body of Israeli Woman in Gaza

The Israeli military confirmed that they had recovered the body of Eden Zacharia following the incident. The exact circumstances of her death, whether it occurred on October 7 or while in captivity, were not specified by the authorities.

Aftermath at the Supernova desert rave Israel
Aftermath at the Supernova desert rave Israel

The Israeli military also recovered the body of soldier Ziv Dado, who was killed on the same day, October 7. Zacharia’s loved ones recounted her last moments of freedom, describing a frantic phone call where she expressed fear and urgency as they were being shot at while trying to flee.

October 7th Raw Video Footage
Credit: HamasVideo.com

Boyfriend Ofek Kimchi Also Murdered by Hamas

Unfortunately, her attempt to escape was unsuccessful; her boyfriend, Ofek Kimchi, died in the car before they could get away.

Ofek Kimchi murdered by Hamas on Oct 7th
Ofek Kimchi murdered by Hamas on Oct 7th

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The loss of Eden Zacharia and others in such circumstances is a somber reminder of the human cost of ongoing conflicts. The case of Eden Zacharia and the events at the Supernova desert rave have received significant media attention, underlining the ongoing tensions and the savage violence acts done by Palestinians on that day.