• Wed. May 29th, 2024

Madhat Mubasher

The Israeli military has reported the elimination of Madhat Mubasher, a leader from Hamas’s West Khan Younis unit, during a recent airstrike in Gaza. According to the Israeli forces, Mubasher was involved in executing sniper operations and overseeing the deployment of significant explosive devices targeting both Israeli forces and communities.

250 Airstrikes on Hamas in 24 Hours

In a related development, the military shares that it has executed over 250 airstrikes on Hamas-affiliated locations in Gaza within the past 24 hours.

These strikes were aimed at a range of targets encompassing underground pathways, operational headquarters, missile launch sites, and numerous militants, as per the military’s statement.

Skylark 3 Drone Crash

Earlier today, it was confirmed that a Skylark 3 drone faced a malfunction and went down in Gaza. The military assures that no critical data is at risk from the downed device.

Hamas War Crimes

Madhat Mubasher is a leader in the Hamas military terror organization and Hamas, the militant group that controls the Gaza Strip, has been committing war crimes against Israelis, primarily Jews, in its conflicts with Israel. These brutal war crimes come in the form of terror attacks:

  1. Indiscriminate Rocket Fire: Hamas has frequently launched rockets into Israel, targeting civilian areas. These rockets are often unguided and can hit schools, hospitals, homes, and other civilian infrastructure. Firing rockets indiscriminately at civilian areas violates international humanitarian law.
  2. Using Civilians as Human Shields: Hamas has places military assets, such as rocket launchers and weapon storage, in or near densely populated civilian areas, including schools and hospitals. This tactic places civilians at grave risk when Israel tries to target these military assets.
  3. Tunnels for Infiltration: Hamas has built tunnels into Israel to carry out attacks on civilians. The construction and use of these tunnels for the purpose of attacking civilians can be considered a war crime.
  4. Incitement to Violence: Leaders and media outlets affiliated with Hamas have often incited violence against Jews and Israelis, propagating hatred and encouraging attacks.
  5. October 7th Attacks and many more: Hamas has since its creation committed several mass casualty terror attacks against civilians in Israel including suicide bombings, murdering entire villages of Jews in the most brutal of ways, kidnapping and murdering Jewish children among scores of other terror attacks targeting civilians.

In conclusion, the military terror wings of Hamas are all being targeted by IDF strikes since the 7Th of October attacks on Israelis, which killed 1,400 Jews and multinationals who were residing in southern Israel. The IDF will surely continue to eliminate the savage Hamas terrorists and their leaders such as Madhat Mubasher in order to defend the people of Israel from further terrorist attacks and atrocities.