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Shadi Barud, Deputy Head of Hamas Intelligence Directorate Eliminated in IDF Strike

Oct 26, 2023

IDF Eliminates Shadi Barud

On Thursday, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reported launching a successful airstrike that eliminated Hamas deputy head of the intelligence department, Shadi Barud. Per the IDF, Shadi Barud planned the Simchas Torah attack. The latest operation by the Israeli security agency marks a massive blow to Hamas leadership.

Before becoming the deputy head of the intelligence department, Barud headed the Hamas attack department and was among the terror group’s leaders who masterminded the deadly attack on Israel two weeks ago. In a statement, the IDF said Barud planned several assaults on Israelis while serving as a battalion commander.

As a deputy head of the intelligence unit, Barud’s role involved gathering information that allowed Hamas to execute successful attacks. Meanwhile, his death has raised concerns over the future of Hamas leadership, with many war experts convinced that it would cripple the terror organization’s operational capabilities.

The Israel Defense Forces has promised to continue targeting key Hamas officials in an effort to protect Israelis. On Wednesday, the Israeli army eliminated the terror group’s senior commander, Taysir Mubasher, who is believed to have instructed Hamas fighters to manufacture explosives that killed an IDF soldier in 2004.

IDF Infiltrates Northern Gaza

Earlier today, IDF Spokesperson Daniel Hagari reported that a small number of soldiers had entered northern Gaza to prepare the area for the planned ground invasion over the coming days. Hagari revealed that the troops managed to target several terrorists and destroyed Hamas’ anti-tank missile launching areas.

The IDF Spokesperson said Israel’s fight against Hamas is only intended to destroy the Gaza-based group and remove them from power while ensuring innocent Gazans are not harmed. Once again, he told Palestinians in Northern Gaza to abandon the area.

Day 20 of the Israel-Hamas War

According to the latest report from the Hamas-operated Ministry of Health, IDF’s airstrikes have killed over 6,500 Palestinians, including children. The death toll, however, cannot be verified independently. It is thought that the figure also includes Hamas terrorists eliminated by the Israeli army. The IDF reported on Monday that it had killed over 1,500 terrorists since the war started.