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Muhammad Atzar, Head of Palestinian Terror Group Anti-tank Forces Eliminated by IDF and Shin Bet

Nov 2, 2023

IDF and Shin Bet Kill Muhammad Atzar

Israeli intelligence Shin Bet and Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have reported the elimination of Muhammad Atzar, the Hamas’ head of the anti-tank missile unit. In a joint statement, the two Israeli security agencies said the terror group’s official was killed in a Wednesday airstrike, which the IDF shared its video on X.

During his tenure, Atzar commanded several missile attacks against IDF soldiers, with the latest one killing 11 on Tuesday. The fallen soldiers were conducting a ground operation in the Gaza Strip when a missile was fired at their vehicle. As of Thursday morning, the number of IDF soldiers killed after invading Gaza has risen to 16.

IDF Chief of Staff Mourns Fallen Soldiers

On Wednesday, Herzi Halevi, the IDF Chief of Staff, said he was saddened by the deaths of soldiers but insisted that the Israeli army will continue with the ground offensive until all remaining Hamas terrorists are eliminated. Halevi argued that winning the ongoing fight ensures the safety of future generations.

Following the missile attack on IDF soldiers, which was likely ordered by Atzar, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant told the press yesterday during his visit near the Gaza border that Israel must now hit Hamas for the sake of the fallen soldiers. He also said the IDF was almost achieving its objectives of the ongoing ground operation in Gaza. Gallant reported that over 10,000 Hamas sites have so far been targeted and destroyed.

Israeli Defense Minister Says IDF Mission in Gaza Will Continue Despite Surprise Attacks From Hamas

Although the IDF soldiers in Gaza were encountering terrorists emerging from schools, tunnels, and hospitals, Gallant said Israel was not planning to abandon its mission of eliminating Hamas members. According to the Defense Minister, the terrorists have only two choices: surrender unconditionally or die.

Besides Atzar, several Hamas leaders have been killed by the IDF. Israel Army spokesperson Daniel Hagari said a few days ago that targeting top officials of the terror group was helping the IDF gain a massive advantage over the terrorists. He argued that eliminating the Hamas leaders would allow the Israeli soldiers to fight a weaker enemy.