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Video Footage – Islamist Terrorist Forces in Yemen Shooting Missiles at Israel Yelling “Death to America, Death to the Jews, Death to Israel”

Nov 1, 2023

Yemeni Militia Group Launches Missiles Towards Israel

Yemen-based terror group Houthi has shared video footage of its members launching numerous missiles toward Israel. In the video, the terrorists are heard yelling, “Death to the Jews, Death to America, Death to Israel,” as missiles disappear into the sky.

In a statement released via Houthi-owned TV channel Al Masirah, the terror group spokesman Yahya Saree said similar attacks were imminent if Israel continued its operations in Gaza. This is not the first time Yemen’s Houthi has attacked Israel since the ongoing conflict with Hamas started. The militia group has launched two other attacks over the past weeks.

The latest attack, however, was unsuccessful as the fired missiles were intercepted by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) using the Arrow Air defense system. Several photos shared on various social media platforms show the debris of missiles in the southern region of Mudawwara, Jordan.

Israel Accuses Iran of Ordering Houthis to Launch Attacks

Meanwhile, Israel isn’t convinced that Houthis are acting independently. The Jewish nation believes that Iran is directing the terrorists to launch attacks in an effort to distract the IDF’s operations in Gaza. Speaking to the press on Tuesday night, IDF spokesperson Daniel Hagari said Israeli soldiers will stick to their mission of eliminating Hamas terrorists.

He also told the reporters that the Israeli southernmost city, Eilat, which Houthis attempted to target yesterday, was safe. Although the missiles briefly caused panic among Eilat residents as they scrambled for shelter.

More Attacks on Israel

Tuesday’s failed assault on Israel comes amid a growing number of missile and rocket attacks on the northern part of Israel from Hezbollah, a Lebanon-based terror organization also backed by Iran. Last week, Iran’s mission to the United Nations released a statement warning that terror groups in the Middle East could join the ongoing war if Israel does not stop attacking Gaza.

Although Iran has denied supporting Houthi, there has been evidence of the Islamic country transferring missiles, rocket-propelled grenades, and rifles to the Yemen-based terror group via sea. Moreover, Western nations and UN experts say there are several seized ships that were heading to Yemen with Iran-made weaponry.