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Muslims Cheering Murder of American Civilians in Israel

Oct 14, 2023

Muslims Support Hamas Attack on Americans in Israel

A few days after Hamas executed a deadly attack on Israel, killing over 1,000 people, Muslims across the world have reacted to the unprecedented event. Some condemn the attack on innocent people, while others praise the actions of the militant group.

On Friday, we shared the news regarding the murder of an American named Cindy Flash on Facebook. Surprisingly, several Facebook users with Muslim names reacted to our post with laugh emojis, suggesting their support for the Hamas attack on Israel.

Born in Minnesota, US, Cindy Flash had been living near the Israel-Gaza border when the Hamas soldiers broke into her house and killed her on Saturday. According to her daughter, Karen Flash, Cindy strongly supported Palestinian rights. She is among the 11 Americans who lost their lives following last weekend’s attack.

Meanwhile, the US government, through Defense Secretary Llyod Austin, has announced that it will soon evacuate surviving Americans from Israel.

The latest praises on Hamas from some Muslims come a day after several Islamic militant groups threatened to attack the United States military bases if American defense forces entered the Israel-Hamas war. Among the criminal organizations that have directed threats to the US include Kataib Hezbollah, the Badr Organization, and the Houthi Movement.

Sheik Ibrahim Dadoun praises Hamas for Invading Israel

On Thursday, a video of a Muslim preacher in Sydney was shared by news house Mailonline, in which he praised Hamas for attacking Israel. In the video clip, Sheik Ibrahim Dadoun was heard saying that the attack had made him smile while chanting “Allahu Akbar,” an Arabic phrase for “God is Great.”

Meanwhile, Muslims in India, through IAS officer Shah Faesal, have said they do not support the attack on Americans and other people who perished at the hands of Hamas. In a statement, Faesal said terrorism will never be the solution to any problem, even for Palestinians.

Day 7 of Israel-Hamas War

As of this writing, the Israel Defense Forces has announced gunning down over 1,500 terrorists within the Israel territory. The agency has also reported that it had succeeded in intercepting two unknown targets near Haifa earlier today.

In Gaza, Hamas says Israel has murdered over 1,850 Palestinians and injured 7,792. According to the militant group, of the 1,850 killed, 613 were children and 369 were women.