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Mark Zuckerberg Post Condeming Hamas Terror Receives 46,000 Laugh Emojis From Muslims Using His Platform

Oct 15, 2023

Muslims Ridicule Mark Zuckerberg

Following the Hamas attack on Israel last weekend, several prominent individuals have taken to social media platforms to condemn the evil acts of the militant organization. Among them is Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, the parent company of Facebook.

On Thursday, Zuckerburg shared his thoughts on the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas on Facebook. In his post, he labeled the Hamas attacks as pure evil and added that there was no justification for executing them against innocent people.

As of this writing, over 142,000 Facebook users have reacted to Zuckerburg’s post. While most agree with the Meta CEO, we noticed over 46,000 laugh emojis from Muslims, who presumably support last Saturday’s attack on Israel.

Muslims React With Laugh Emojis on More Facebook Posts

This is not the first time Muslims have reacted using laugh emojis to Facebook posts of prominent people condemning the Hamas attack. On Friday, French President Emmanuel Macron shared a video in which he blasted the terrorists for targeting innocent people. The video attracted over 5,600 reactions, 1,500 being laugh emojis from Muslims.

Earlier this week, the United States President Joe Biden wrote on his Facebook that his government was ready to help Israel defend itself. We noted over 2,200 laugh emojis from Muslims on the post. What’s more, some commented on Biden’s post, expressing their support for Hamas.

A section of Muslims have also celebrated the deaths of those murdered by Hamas since the war began last Saturday. Just yesterday, we shared news about the demise of an American woman, Cindy Flash, whom the criminal group brutally murdered. To our surprise, several Muslims on Facebook reacted with laugh emojis.

Day 8 of the Israel-Hamas War

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has reported that a Lebanon-based criminal group fired an Anti-Tank Guided Missile into Israel last night, killing a middle-aged man and injuring two people. In response to the attack, the IDF said it would strike Lebanon soon.

Meanwhile, the Israeli government has announced that it will begin evacuating residents living in Sderot, a town near Gaza, today. Per the announcement, the evacuated residents will be moved to Jerusalem and Eilat-based hotels. The government insists that the evacuation isn’t mandatory. However, the Sderot residents are advised to leave the town for their own safety.