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US Reports Israel Has Restored Supply of Water to Southern Gaza

Oct 16, 2023

Israel Restores Water Supply to Some Parts of Gaza

According to Jake Sullivan, the United States National Security Advisor, Israel has decided to supply water to Southern Gaza again. Sullivan broke the news in an interview with journalist Jake Tapper of CNN last night. He said it was the right thing to do as he believes Palestinians deserve to access food, medicine, and water.

A few days ago, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant announced a “complete siege” on Gaza as the Jewish soldiers prepared to respond to the deadly Hamas attack that saw over 6,000 rockets land inside Israeli territory. The criminal group left thousands of Israelis injured and killed over 1,300.

Why Did Israel Cut Off the Water Supply to Gaza?

In his announcement, Gallant said Israel would stop supplying food, fuel, and electricity to Gaza in response to the Hamas attack. Israeli Minister for Energy and Infrastructure, Israel Kitz, also directed the authority in charge of water supply to cut off the flow of water to Gaza until all captives held by the Hamas fighters were released.

The Israel Defense Forces has reported that over 130 people are being held hostage by the terrorists in Gaza. Hamas has threatened severally that it would start executing them if Israel go after the criminal group.

Meanwhile, Sullivan says the decision to restore the supply of water to the southern part of Gaza came after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a phone call meeting with United States President Joe Biden.

IDF Tells Gazans to Evacuate From Northern Gaza

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is now asking all civilians in the northern part of Gaza to move to the southern region as the Jewish soldiers prepare to invade Gaza in an effort to end Hamas’ leadership. The IDF has directed Gazans to avoid approaching the Israel-Gaza border or returning to the north unless the Israeli military asks them to do so.

However, Daniel Hagari, the IDF Spokesman, said yesterday that the Hamas fighters are preventing Gazans in the northern region from leaving as they want to use them as shields against Israeli soldiers.

Regarding the evacuation of Americans from Gaza, Sullivan has said that the US government is talking to Egyptian President Abdel el-Sissi about allowing American citizens to leave Gaza through the Egypt-Gaza border.