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Palestinian Analyst Tariq Kenney-Shawa Says No Place is Safe in Gaza

Oct 16, 2023

Kenney-Shawa’s Interview With Podcaster Davison

On Sunday, Prominent podcaster Derek Davison hosted Palestinian analyst Tariq Kenney-Shawa to discuss the current situation in Gaza. Davison started the interview by asking Kenney-Shawa whether he had any information regarding the conditions in the Gaza Strip as of yesterday.

In response, the Palestinian analyst said the conditions under which Gazans lived were unacceptable. He added that Israel’s attacks on Gaza have crippled the region’s infrastructure. Kenney-Shawa also disclosed Gazans have had access to electricity only thirteen hours a day since the start of the year and that the Israeli government has not allowed them to leave the region.

The analyst said the conditions have worsened since Israel cut off electricity and water and blocked fuel and food aid from entering Gaza last week. He claimed that the Jewish country is no longer targeting Hamas. Instead, it has leveled collective punishment against all Gazans.

Davison then asked Kenney-Shawa to give his take on Israel’s move to direct people in northern Gaza to evacuate the region within 24 hours ahead of Israel Defense Forces’ planned invasion. The Palestinian analyst responded by saying what Israel has instructed Gazans to do is prohibited under international law.

He continued to explain that it was impossible for all Gazans to live in the southern part of the region, considering that the Gaza Strip is among the most densely populated areas in the world.

Palestinian Analyst Says Israel Attacked Displaced Gazans

Moreover, Kenney-Shawa said some of those who followed Israel’s evacuation instructions encountered air strikes from the Jewish defense forces yesterday. He claimed that over 70 Gazans, including children and women, heading to southern Gaza were killed on Sunday’s attack.

Kenney-Shawa wondered how displaced Gazans would survive given that Israel has blocked humanitarian access. Moreover, he said homeless individuals in Gaza are likely to be targetted by Israeli soldiers, who, according to him, are bombing anything that moves.

Kenny-Shawa’s Take on Media Coverage During the Ongoing War

When asked if there have been double standards in the media coverage since the Israel-Gaza war began, Kenny-Shawa said they’ve been there for decades. He claimed that there is an ongoing agenda to ensure the world never hears Palestinians’ side of the story. Kenny-Shawa also called out CNN and MSNBC for publishing unconfirmed reports from the Israel Defense Forces, most of which he said have turned out fake after further research was conducted.