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Negotiations Deadlock in Qatar: Head of Mossad Orders Israeli Negotiation Team to Return to Israel

Dec 2, 2023
  • Following a deadlock in the negotiations in Qatar – the head of Mossad has ordered the Israeli negotiation team to return to Israel
  • The United States attributes the cessation of the ceasefire to Hamas, citing rocket attacks targeting central and southern Israel
  • Palestinian terror groups in Gaza and Syria, Houthis and Hezbollah have shot around 25,000 rockets, missiles, UAVs and mortars on Israel since October 7th

Negotiations Deadlock

Following the deadlock in the negotiations and under the guidance of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the head of Mossad, David Barnea, ordered his team in Doha to return to Israel.

The terrorist organization Hamas did not fulfill its part of the agreement, which included the release of all the children and women according to a list that was passed to Hamas and approved by it.

The head of Mossad has thanked the head of the CIA, the Egyptian Intelligence Minister, and the Prime Minister of Qatar for their partnership in the tremendous mediation efforts that led to the release of 84 children and women from the Gaza Strip in addition to 24 foreign citizens.

US Blames Hamas for Ending Truce

On Friday, the Biden administration attributed the termination of the temporary truce in the Gaza Strip to the actions of Hamas. The Palestinian group launched rocket strikes in central and southern Israel, prompting retaliatory airstrikes by the Israeli military in the coastal territory.

October 7th Raw Video Footage
Credit: HamasVideo.com

Palestinian Terror Groups, Hezbollah and Houthis Continue to Attack Israel

As Israel continues its operations to wipe out Hamas in Gaza, terror groups attack Israel from almost all directions. Hamas and the Islamic Jihad continue to fire rockets on Israel, with dozens of Iron Dome interceptions throughout the past 2 days.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad also continue their psychological warfare on Israel by releasing videos of hostages being tortured. Which is also an ISIS-like war crime, the Palestinian terror groups keep proving day by day how much they have in common with other Islamist religious terror groups like ISIS.

Hezbollah and the Houthis continue to fire rockets, missiles and UAVs on Israel in the North Lebanese border and in the south of Israel in Eilat. The Houthi missiles have all been intercepted by the Israeli air defense systems in the south. In the north many of the Hezbollah rockets, mortars and missiles have injured and killed Israelis in towns, villages and military posts near the northern Lebanese border.

If Israel Did Not Have the Best Air Defense Systems

If Israel didn’t have the Iron Dome, Fighter Jets and Arrow air defense systems, there would be around 30,000 dead Israeli civilians just in the recent conflict since October 7th. The Palestinian terror groups in Gaza and Syria, the Houthis and Hezbollah have shot around 25,000 rockets, missiles, UAVs and mortars on Israel since October 7th!