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Report: Israeli Strike Caused Blast at Houthi’s Weapons Depot in Yemen

Dec 2, 2023

Al-Hadath Links IDF to Blast at Houthi’s Arms Depot

According to Saudi media, an Israeli airstrike was behind a massive blast at a weapons depot in Yemen’s Sana’a, a city controlled by militia group Houthi. News outlet Al-Hadath reported that the Israel Defence Forces’ missiles hit the area where the terror group stored its firearms and drones on Thursday night.

However, the IDF hinted last night that it wasn’t behind the explosion. When asked during a press conference if the Israeli army had launched a strike at Houthi’s weapons depot, the IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari said he was not going to comment on anything that Israeli soldiers hadn’t done.

Meanwhile, some Houthi officials have dismissed the report published by Al-Hadath. They claim that the explosion happened at a gas station. On the other hand, one of the terror group’s political bureau members, Hezem al-Asad, tweeted on Friday morning that the blast was caused by a bomb left during the civil war.

Houthi’s Attacks Israel

As a close ally of Hamas, Houthi has launched several missile and drone attacks on Israel since the war started 57 days ago after Hamas terrorists invaded the Jewish State’s territory to kill approximately 1,200 people and captured 240. Most of the attacks launched by Houthi have either missed their targets or been intercepted.

The terror group’s latest drone attack, which happened on Wednesday, was intercepted by a United States Navy Warship.

On November 19, Houthis seized the Galaxy Leader, a cargo ship that was en route to India from Turkey. Following the seizure, the United Kingdom announced earlier this week that it was planning to send two modern naval ships to the Red Sea to block the Houthis from disrupting the flow of trade.

Day 57 of Israel-Hamas War

The Israel Defense Forces has reported today that it destroyed over 350 targets in Gaza yesterday after Hamas terrorists violated the truce. Among the targets that the IDF said it destroyed is a mosque believed to be hosting fighters from the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Numerous terror cells were also eliminated.