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“October 7th was Just a Rehearsal,” Hamas Chief Yahya Sinwar Warns Israel

Dec 15, 2023

Yahya Sinwar’s Statement

In his latest statement, Palestinian terror group military leader in Gaza Yahya Sinwar has warned Israel that the next terror group’s attack would be bigger than the October 7th. Sinwar masterminded last month’s assault on the Jewish State that led to the murder of 1,200 people. The Palestinians also kidnapped approximately 240 individuals and took them to Gaza.

The terror group leader, who is now calling the October 7th attack a rehearsal, said it took the terrorists over a year to plan the assault. Since the war between Hamas and Israel broke out, Sinwar has never appeared in public. Israel Defense Forces spokesman Daniel Hagari has declared the Hamas chief “a dead man walking.”

Who is Yahya Sinwar?

Yahya Sinwar was born and raised in southern Gaza in the Khan Yunis refugee camp. He became a Hamas member in 1987, immediately after Sheikh Ahmad Yassin established the terror group.

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Within a year of his Hamas membership, Sinwar was tasked to head the group’s intelligence unit, whose main purpose was to collect vital information that would help Hamas execute successful attacks on Israel. Moreover, Sinwar and his team were responsible for murdering Palestinians believed to be sharing information about Hamas with Israel.

Sinwar was later arrested and jailed in Israel for life after he was found guilty of killing two IDF soldiers. However, in 2011, his life sentence was cut short following a prisoner exchange deal agreed upon between Israel and Hamas after the terror group kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Shalit.

Upon his return to Gaza, Sinwar was appointed as the senior commander of the Hamas military wing. A few years later, he became the leader of the group.

Another Hamas Official Threatens Israel

Besides Sinwar, Ghazi Hamad is another Hamas official who has warned Israel to prepare for a bigger assault in the future. Speaking in an interview with Lebanon-based news outlet LBC last month, Ghazi said Hamas will continue attacking Israel until the terror group destroys the Jewish State completely. According to him, Israel has no place in the Middle East.

Dr. Yuval Bitton Saved the Life of Yahya Sinwar

Dr. Yuval Bitton, an Israeli physician, was part of the team that performed a critical brain tumor surgery on Yahya Sinwar during his incarceration in Israel. Recently, Dr. Bitton disclosed that his nephew, Tamir Adar, has been taken hostage. Dr. Bitton had earlier played a key role in saving Sinwar’s life.

Mosab Hassan Yousef Video

Mosab: “After the successful release of the most vulnerable group of hostages, Israel must give Hamas a timeframe to release the remaining hostages. If they fail Israel must execute Hamas mass murderers in Israeli prisons. No exception, Sheik Hassan Yousef is included.

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