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Palestinians Attack IDF Forces in Breach of Humanitarian Pause in Fighting Then Blame Israel

Nov 28, 2023

Hamas Breaches Ceasefire

As usual, Hamas breaches the pause in fighting, just like it did 15 minutes after the humanitarian pause began 5 days ago when it fired rockets onto Israeli towns. And as usual Hamas blames Israel for breaching the pause in fighting.

Blaming Israel as Usual

The “Palestinian Chronicle” which is connected to Hamas and the al-Qassam Brigades publishes an article stating that Israel breached the ceasefire, blaming Israel. The propaganda machine is working overtime.

Is This the Way of Islam?

Today Shiri Bibas’ sister presented the pictures of the Bibas family children who were kidnapped to Gaza and asked: “Hamas, are these your enemies? Is this the way of Islam?'”

Bibas family children
Bibas family children

Hamas Carefully Staging Return of Hostages for Media

Hamas is carefully staging the return videos of our hostages to appear humane, after butchering almost 1000 Israeli civilians. Sickening. So are false equivalencies between the release of our civilian hostages and Palestinian felons.

Human Rights Watch Reports

From the evidence, Human Rights Watch concluded that it was highly unlikely that a big air-dropped bomb like those the Israel Defense Forces has been using in Gaza hit al-Ahli Hospital.

“Israel was not Responsibility for al-Ahli Explosion”

Moreover, the NGO said Gaza authorities appeared to be hiding the debris of the munition that blasted at the hospital. A photo captured minutes after the blast shows employees of the Gaza police unit called the Explosive Ordnance department working at the explosion site. A witness near al-Ahli told Human Rights Watch that those employees took the remnants of the munition from the site.

bodycam from Hamas from Oct 7
Bodycam from Hamas terrorists from Oct 7 killing Israeli civilians

A day after the blast, a Hamas official told the media that the terror group would soon show the world the remnants to prove that Israel was responsible for the explosion. Until today, that hasn’t happened. Senior Hamas leader Ghazi Hamad claimed on October 23 that the munition “vaporized” and that nothing was left. However, Human Rights Watch argued in its report that small parts of a munition can still be recovered regardless of the magnitude of an explosion.

Three IDF Soldiers Bodies Stolen by Palestinian Terrorists

IDF has released the names of three IDF soldiers, killed in action, their bodies stolen by the Palestinians.

Israeli Hostage Escaped Hamas Only to Be Caught by Gazan Civilians and Brought Back to the Terrorists

Roni Krivoi was taken hostage by Hamas on October 7th at the Nova dance festival, during the massacre the Palestinians abducted him and brought him back to Gaza, where he was held for 51 days by the terrorists. He managed to escape during an Israeli air raid and hid for 4 before being found by Gazan civilians who brought him back to the terrorists.

Hamas is Selling Humanitarian Aid to Gazans at Crazy Prices

Residents in Gaza are voicing concerns over the resale of free aid from international donors at steep prices. Additionally, there are reports of Hamas members cutting in front of long queues to claim aid for themselves, disregarding their position in line.

Palestinian Terrorist Propaganda

Hamas published a “thank you letter” written by Daniel Aloni to her captors, a day before she was released with her daughter. The purpose of the letter, which Daniel was forced to write: to improve Hamas’ image in the world. Hamas terrorists obviously forced the hostage, a day before she was released, to write this letter. It is again a cynical use of civilian hostages and most certainly an abuse of human rights. A hostage who had to watch her family and neighbors be butchered. Who was held hostage underground for 51 days with her small children. Who was fed 2 pieces of bread per day. Forcing her to write a thank you letter. These terrorists are as much clowns as they are monsters.

Hundreds of Palestinian “Civilians” Took Part in the Massacres

Documented and confirmed footage by many independent sources prove that hundreds of “regular” Gazan “civilians” took part in the looting, killing, mutilating and raping of Israelis on the day of the brutal attack.

October 7th Raw Video Footage
Credit: HamasVideo.com

Videos of Gazan Civilians Taking Part in the Attacks on October 7th

Below are a few more of the videos, as we do not want to show the extremely graphic ones, we will share with you the ones where you can see the Gazan civilians helping to kidnap a woman and burning property or walking through the open fence after the attacks began. If you want to see the raw and graphic videos you can go to hamasvideo.com and see the many videos where Palestinian civilians are taking part in the more gruesome parts of the attacks.

Gazans (not Hamas) kidnapping an Israeli woman

Gazans (not Hamas) kidnapping an Israeli woman

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