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Palestinians Renew Fire of Rockets – Interception in Netivot Area, 3 Murdered in Terror Attack Earlier in Jerusalem

Nov 30, 2023

Iron Dome Interception Near Netivot

A successful rocket interception by Iron Dome was carried out near the city of Netivot just now.

Initial report under investigation about an interception performed near the Gaza border city of Netivot.

Rocket Fire From Gaza

The rocket was fired from the Palestinian Hamas terror group ruled Gaza strip.

Further updates to follow.

Bus Stop Terror Attack Today

Video: Jerusalem Bus Stop Terror Attack Today: Three Dead, Six Wounded in Hamas-Claimed Shooting Attack

Three people were murdered and six injured in a terror shooting in Jerusalem, claimed by Hamas. The deceased were identified as Livia Dickman, 24, Elimelech Wasserman, 73, and Hannah Ifergan, in her 60s. Around 7:40 a.m., Palestinian terrorists Murad Nemer, 38, and Ibrahim Nemer, 30, opened fire on unarmed civilians at a bus stop.

Two off-duty soldiers and an armed civilian responded, killing the attackers. The Nemer brothers, from East Jerusalem, were Hamas members and previously imprisoned for terror activities. Murad was jailed from 2010-2020 for planning attacks under Gaza’s direction, and Ibrahim in 2014 for undisclosed terror activities.

Hamas praised the attackers as “jihad-waging martyrs,” linking the attack to Israel’s actions in Gaza and the killing of two children in Jenin, including a 15-year-old Hamas member. The group urged an escalation of resistance.

The attackers used an M-16 and a handgun, and their vehicle contained ample ammunition. Following the attack, police arrested six family members of the attackers for suspected involvement.

The attack site was previously targeted a year ago. Additionally, two soldiers were lightly injured in a separate car-ramming attack in the Jordan Valley.

Murad al Namr

Murad al-Namr is a released prisoner who served 10 years in an Israeli prison for terrorist activities and affiliation with the terrorist organization Hamas.

3 killed in the Jerusalem terror attack:

• A 24-year-old young woman was pronounced dead at the scene
• A 73-year-old man’s death was confirmed at the hospital
• A 60-year-old woman’s death was confirmed at the hospital

This violence occurs amid heightened tensions since a massive Hamas-led breach of the Gaza border into Israel on October 7, resulting in extensive casualties and hostages. Israel’s military response aimed at dismantling Hamas’s rule in Gaza and rescuing hostages, leading to ongoing operations in the West Bank and heightened security across Israel.

The soldier who eliminated the 2 armed terrorists in Jerusalem left Gaza for a 12 hour leave, was on his way back home, waiting for a hitchhike to take him south.

Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu Earlier Today:

“I swore to eliminate Hamas and nothing will stop us