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Pro-Israeli Cyber Experts “Red Evils” Hack Iranian Oil Infrastructure as Cyber Warfare Escalates

Oct 30, 2023

RedEvils Hacks Iranian Oil Infrastructure

On Sunday evening, an Israel-based group of cyber experts called Red Evils announced it had managed to get access to the management system of an Iranian oil infrastructure the previous day. The group is working independently from the Israeli government. It began its operations when “Operation Iron Swords” was launched by Israel in response to Hamas’ attack, which led to over 1,400 people losing their lives early this month.

Red Evils Had Published a Warning to Hezbollah Leader

A recent video message released by the hacker group known as ‘Red Evils’ has emerged, in which they directly address Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah. The message contains both accusations and warnings, signaling a new height in tensions between the two entities.

“We are watching you closely and we are deep in your systems, we can destroy your systems at any given moment, including sophisticated and advanced military systems that are based on artificial intelligence.”

~ Red Evils Hacker Group

Red Evils has not revealed specific details on the hacking incident but claims that it caused massive damage to key fuel and oil transport infrastructure, which Iran uses. The group argues that the Islamic State already knows the magnitude of the damage the cyber experts have caused it.

The cyber gurus targeted Iran following Israel’s accusations that the country was supporting Hamas financially. Moreover, a recent Wall Street Journal report indicated that Iran trained the Gaza-based terrorists a month prior to their deadly attack against Israel.

Israeli Cyber Gurus Send Warning to Hezbollah

Red Evils also sent a warning to another Iranian-backed terror group, Hezbollah. In the group’s message to Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah’s Secretary General, the cyber experts said they had already penetrated the terror group’s computer network and the entire Lebanese Internet and communication infrastructure.

A few days after the ongoing Israel-Hamas war began, Hezbollah threatened to launch attacks on Israel if the United States soldiers intervened. When news emerged that the American navy had intercepted missiles directed at Israel from Yemen, the Lebanon-based terror organization fired several rockets at Israel. In response, the Israeli army targeted Hezbollah’s hideouts in southern Lebanon.

Red Evils Targets GazaNow Telegram Channel

Meanwhile, Red Evils has also disclosed that it hacked one of the Telegram accounts managing a channel called GazaNow. Although the cyber experts say they deleted all content shared by that account on GazaNow, they couldn’t delete the channel permanently because the account didn’t have that permission.

Israel and Iran have engaged in a cyber war for years. It has escalated in recent weeks following the Hamas attack, with several Israeli platforms, especially media websites, being hacked by anti-Israel hacktivists.