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“Red Evils” Pro Israeli Hackers Group Shuts Down Large Internet Provider in Lebanon

Oct 29, 2023

Red Evils Hack Lebanon Internet Provider

In the tweet below you can see the Red Evils update about the hacking.


In the last day, more than ten rockets were fired from Lebanon into Israeli territory. Therefore, we decided to cut off the internet for over a million residents and hit one of the major communication providers in Lebanon, completely disconnecting civilian, governmental, and military systems.

In the past, we warned Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of the Hezbollah terrorist organization in Lebanon. Unfortunately, for the Lebanese people, he chose to ignore us, causing his people to suffer. This is only the beginning and a small taste of what we will do.

We will take a firm stand against anyone who harms or opposes the state of Israel.

#ThGlobalVision hacked ❌

@WeRedEvils (Israel Flag emoji)

Previously Red Evils Had Published a Warning to Hezbollah Leader

“We are watching you closely and we are deep in your systems, we can destroy your systems at any given moment, including sophisticated and advanced military systems that are based on artificial intelligence.”

~ Red Evils Hacker Group