• Tue. May 28th, 2024

The military response by Israel to Hamas terrorists is shaping up as the country’s defense forces report success in airstrikes targeting the militants’ hideouts in the Gaza Strip. A Monday, October 16 report by Palestinian Arab media confirmed the elimination of Osama al-Mazini in an airstrike that hit Hamas base in the Gaza Strip.

Israel Airstrikes Eliminate Hamas Official

The Palestinian Arab report profiled Dr. al-Mazini as a Hamas’ political bureau member. The information aligned with the subsequent revelation conveyed by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) that the airstrike killed Osama Mazini. The IDF spokesperson identified him as heading the Shura Council of the Hamas terrorist group within the Gaza Strip. 

Mazini is described as undertaking oversight duties over Hamas prisoners. The Monday evening report confirmed that Al-Mazini was a senior ranking member within the terrorist organization coordinating terrorist activities against Israel.

Al-Mazini previous responsibilities involved handling the Gilad Shalit case when held captive by the Hamas. His ranking status in the Hamas terrorist group is evident in his stint serving in a ministerial position in the government running Gaza.

The reports of eliminating the Hamas official came after the IDF shared footage of the air strike that killed the leader of the general intelligence service of the militant group. 

IDF Eliminates Operational Command for Hamas Nukhba’ Forces

The elimination of al-Mazini is no coincidence, given the destruction of multiple command centers utilized by the militants. Also destroyed in the Monday strikes were mortar shell posts used by the Hamas terrorists within the Gaza Strip.

The IDF spokesperson confirmed that eliminating al-Mazini follows the killing of a Hamas command official. The IDF reported killing Ali Qadi in a strike on the operational command center identified as a leader of the Hamas’  Nukhba’ forces. 

Eliminating al-Mazini and Qadi is a massive blow to the Hamas group with Palestine’s militants as IDF fighter jets struck a military compound linked to the Hamas terrorist organization. 

The elimination of top Hamas officials aligns with the declaration of war by Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He condemned Hamas terrorist acts staged surprisingly on Saturday, October 7. He warned that Hamas members would die since the militants butchered hundreds, with another 150 individuals taken hostage.

Israel Defense Forces Confirm Striking Hamas’ Military Infrastructure

Netanyahu denounced the abduction of children and elderly people, prompting the retaliatory siege by Israel by stopping energy, food, and water supplies. The Hamas terrorist group is destined to suffer a longer casualties list. Such is inevitable since by Wednesday October 11, Israel’s military had already assembled thousands of troops at the Gaza border for potential ground invasion.

The Hamas terrorist group is bound to lose more officials, with the Israel Defense Forces confirming in a Tuesday October 17 briefing of striking over 200 military infrastructures belonging to Hamas in the Gaza Strip. 

The IDF spokesperson revealed hitting strategic Hamas facilities, among them bank the Hamas used in financing terrorism activities within the Gaza Strip. The facilities struck by Israel include warehouses and underground tunnels containing weapon stockpiles and housing the operational headquarters. 

US to Support Israel’s Defense Requirements

Meanwhile, the elimination of top Hamas officials coincides with when Israel welcomed General Erik Kurilla, a ranking US military commander within the Middle East. His visit was described in a US Central Command statement as necessary to ascertain Israel’s preparedness to defend itself. Also, Gen Kurilla’s presence affirms US devotion to preventing the expansion of conflict by other parties. 

Kurilla’s visit will feature high-level meetings alongside Israel’s military leadership on defense requirements. Besides declaring American support, it comes hours after news that US President Joe Biden is set to visit Israel. The visits will likely result in heightened IDF activity and strikes targeting Hamas officials and infrastructures within the Gaza Strip.