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Ayman Nofal Eliminated by IDF, Commander of the Palestinian Hamas Central Brigade in the al-Qassam Brigades

Oct 17, 2023

Hamas/ISIS Terrorist Ayman Nofal Eliminated

A high-ranking official of Hamas’ military wing, Ayman Nofal, lost his life during an airstrike conducted by the Israeli air force in Gaza, as confirmed by both the Izz el-Deen Al-Qassam Brigades via a Telegram announcement and the Israeli air force.

Nofal held significant roles within the military council and led the Central Brigade of the Al-Qassam Brigades, as disclosed by the Palestinian militant organization.

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Israel’s ongoing military operations against Hamas might not culminate in the expected ground invasion, as indicated by an Israeli military representative. The spokesperson emphasized the uncertainty of the upcoming phases of the military campaign, hinting at an alternative to the widely anticipated ground assault.

Amid the ongoing aerial assaults now extending into their 11th day, Israel has enforced a comprehensive blockade on the Gaza Strip. This has resulted in the cessation of essential supplies, including water, food, and electricity, affecting two million residents.

2,700 Palestinians Dead Since Beginning of War

This severe measure, condemned by international human rights entities for potentially violating humanitarian norms, is Israel’s retaliation to a severe attack executed by Hamas on October 7. The ongoing strife has led to the loss of over 1,400 lives in Israel and over 2,700 in Gaza, with claims of Hamas detaining 199 Israeli hostages.