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VIDEO PROOF: A Rocket Misfired by Palestinian Islamic Jihad Was the Cause of the Tragic Incident at Gaza City’s Baptist Hospital

Oct 17, 2023

Gaza City’s Baptist Hospital Blast

Up to %40 of rockets launched by Palestinian Islamic Jihadmalfunction and fall within the Gaza Strip. Palestinian Islamic Jihad, is killing its own people.

Open Source Analysts Claim Hospital Explosion
Caused by Palestinian Rocket

Several independent analysts have reviewed footage of the devastating strike on al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza and supported IDF’s claims that Israel was not responsible. GeoConfirmed, which is run by volunteers, cited several examples of analysis of the blast. It claims the evidence reviewed shows the hospital strike was caused by a “missile launched by a Palestinian group” which exploded.

Conclusion: A missile launched by a Palestinian group exploded mid-air (Reason unknown) and one piece fell on the hospital causing an explosion. The geolocation and timing of the footage is conclusive.

Further Proof – Video Captured
by Al Jazeera Live On Air

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Palestinian Islamic Jihad is Killing its Own People

A rocket misfired by Hamas was the cause of the tragic incident at Gaza City’s Baptist Hospital. There were no reports of air strikes by the IDF during this period. The mishap occurred simultaneously with a barrage of rockets aimed at Israel. It is essential to note that up to %40 of rockets launched by Hamas malfunction and fall within the Gaza Strip. Hamas is killing its own people.

Palestinian Media Blaming the Attack on Israel

The tragic incident at Gaza City’s Baptist Hospital highlights the devastating consequences of military conflicts in densely populated urban areas. A misfired rocket by Palestinian Islamic Jihad, not an air strike by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), was reported as the cause of the destruction. This event underscores the perilous reality of life in the Gaza Strip, where the line between combatants and civilians is often blurred.

It was a scene of desolation and grief. The air, thick with dust and smoke, bore witness to a tragedy not caused by external forces, but a rocket that misfired. Palestinian Islamic Jihad, a Palestinian militant group, was reportedly launching a barrage of rockets into Israel when one fell short, striking the Baptist Hospital in Gaza City. Lives were lost, not at the hands of an external enemy, but due to a technical failure—a sobering reminder of the indiscriminate nature of weapons of war.

No IDF Airstrikes At That Time

Reports indicated no IDF airstrikes at the time, drawing attention to a recurring issue—the malfunctioning of Palestinian Islamic Jihad rockets. With up to 40% reported to fall within the Gaza Strip, the risk to Palestinian civilians is both real and significant. Each misfire, a potential harbinger of unintended tragedy, sows seeds of sorrow within the very community Hamas purports to defend.

Yet, amidst the rubble and grief, blame was directed externally. Palestinian media and Al Jazeera accused the IDF, fueling the flames of animosity and deflecting attention from the internal failures that precipitated the disaster. It raises profound questions about accountability, the ethics of warfare, and the role of media in shaping narratives amidst the fog of war.

The Human Cost of Palestinian Islamic Jihad Terrorism

The incident at Gaza City’s Baptist Hospital illuminates the broader human toll wrought by Palestinian Islamic Jihad acts of terrorism. In their pursuit to confront Israel, the militant group inadvertently inflicts pain and suffering upon their own people. The misfired rocket serves as a poignant exemplar of the internal devastation that Hamas’ military aggression can instigate.

The rockets that malfunction and plunge into the Gaza Strip expose Palestinian civilians to a dual threat. They are caught in the crossfire of a relentless conflict, not only facing the external dangers but also those birthed from within their own territories. The tragedy illustrates an ominous paradox wherein the intended shield of defense, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, morphs into a source of peril.

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